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  1. Christmas Adverts

    Well, good for Lidl, after getting all that shit the other year about their “too white non homo” advert they have put exactly the same advert back on telly. Re-engineering reality is the bit I think boils most folks piss !
  2. Trump Under Fire

    Ahh, the great academic and social commentator Graham Norton.......sort of knocks Douglas Murray, Peter Hitchens etc into a cocked hat !
  3. Clothes

    I’ll tell you something, the old shoes don’t see the light of day much cleaning up pig shit in Ireland in the pissing of rain And I’ll go one better on the suit as well, the one I got married in cost f**k all as I found it hanging up when I was clearing a place out in Saville row. the old woman did her nut saying “you are not wearing a suit you found in a job on our wedding day!!” ”f**k all wrong with that, it will do me lovely”.....didn’t fit me then, don’t fit me now !
  4. Newborn lambs

    Most lambs only get bred to coincide with peak market times etc I am expecting to see a couple of my own soon enough because I just let the ram run with the ewes all year round.
  5. A lesson from Poland

    No country of bar room lawyers these boys.......60 THOUSAND !! Puts Britain to shame really don’t it ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-41958199
  6. Seen the f***ing chops on her? Lol
  7. Clothes

    I have clobber coming out my f***ing ears, my old woman does her bollocks. My one guilty, totally needless pleasure and purchase was my Gucci shoes. My one hatred is cheap shit suits!
  8. Clothes

    Who the f**k are you, Jochabim Mugatu inventor of the piano neck tie? You look like they threw you in the wardrobe trailer of that dodgy remake of The Firm......
  9. Andrea Pirlo retired this week, I just thought the retirement of such a great player was worthy of a mention. Probably one of the greatest examples of how football is played with your brain as much as anything and one of the great exponents of the creative midfielders art. Thanks for the memories......and for making Joe Heart look a cock with your penalty skills !
  10. Litter of pups

    Next litter due in May !
  11. Steve Irwin

    Empty your inbox mate.
  12. Dwarf nonce

    How can a convicted sex fiend be allowed to walk the street carrying small arms?!! These f***ing miniature Robbie Williams figures get away with murder !
  13. Steve Irwin

    I liked him but never really rated him on his stingray handling technique !
  14. North Korea sentences Donald Trump to death.

    Haha, this should be comedy gold !
  15. Litter of pups

    Being serious for a minute, do you have contact with Mik?.....he may know a couple of lads for pups and you know with him they will be right.
  16. Litter of pups

    Mega bruv, put me down for 6........2 dogs & 4 bitches........bitches!
  17. Litter of pups

    Is it hard as f**k bat shit crazy as I need it for rinsing cats on the estate?
  18. Snowflake Teacher Resigns After 1 Term.........

    When I was a kid, if someone went to uni that was a big deal......they were the best of the best. Now, there’s a sense that everyone should and frankly it’s just not true. When it comes to sub standard teachers (and there are not many imho) then the problem schools have is money and employment law......you can’t just f**k them off. If they offer to retrain there is little a school can do, they have to pay the wages and the cost of retraining. In reality it will take 2 years to get shot of a bad teacher, in that time the OFSTED rating may fall down, intake will be lower and budgets impacted because of a lower intake. Parent pay FAR too much attention to OFSTED ratings......I suppose it’s easier to just look at a number than go to visit 4 or 5 open evenings and then consider the best environment for your own child’s character. OFSTED, employment law and funding models......the worst things to happen to our education system.
  19. Litter of pups

    What’s the make up of the sire you messer?
  20. Snowflake Teacher Resigns After 1 Term.........

    Spot on, brilliant post mate
  21. Litter of pups

    Big money they will be.......
  22. May on Russia

    Hopefully I am self aware enough to realise that I come at everything from a point of total and complete loss of faith and respect for anything linked to UK and European politics so I am fully clued up on my all consuming bias in that regard. Id pretty much put the Yorkshire ripper in front of almost any politician in Westminster and that’s the truth. I just don’t see how we can applaud total hypocrisy from May when, imho, Putin is a far better man for his country than she is woman for hers. I just can’t bring myself to give these shower an inch, my logic just won’t let me.
  23. May on Russia

    Just read a chunk of that back to yourself mate
  24. May on Russia

    Explain how we are any different again?......because you do things in different ways don’t make you innocent! To imply that our government does not f**k over or imprison it’s own citizens to suit its own agenda is a bridge too far for a bloke as sensible as you mate.
  25. May on Russia

    Fair one mate, it’s their way and as you say it’s always been their way......none of our business. If May dont like Putin then she should grow a set, put some pride back in her own country so that people stand behind her and tell him to go f**k himself. As it stands she can’t even tell John Claud Junker that.....she is over in brussels kissing arse right, left and centre. I bet Putins quaking in his boots over that stupid f***ing speech at a dinner party in the city !