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  1. me and paul kennedy

    Bags too expensive les at 5p-10p to put out in fields LOL
  2. me and paul kennedy

    Bags are too expensive les at 5p-10p to put out in field LOL
  3. lurcher collars

    Strong stuff all way had a couple of him still got em look as good as new worth every penny why keep buyin shite then havin to buy another n another buy the best and it last life time
  4. Show us your Bull x

    What a lump he is mate a credit to you hows it bred how old mate
  5. best lamps nowadays???

    I dont now how i managed with old lamps the lazer light or night blaster etc now i use lightforce i think to myself how did i manage to get the gear back then but its like anything things constantly upgrade for better performance
  6. best lamps nowadays???

    There was a coleman lamp on ebay type in hunting lamp im sur still on there mate
  7. best lamps nowadays???

    Lightforce blitz 240 n deben lithium battery all way for walking if driving lightforce striker best
  8. Exercising lurchers during the summer

    Fitz patrick vet sweaes by swimming to keep em fit n strong lol
  9. ANGLIA Sporting 👎

    What a good offer les there should be more people like you about not many people take a stranger on their permission nice on mate
  10. Wheaten Bull grey

    Smart pup that my type of dog
  11. some birds

    They got too much money les to pay to shoot pheasants mate
  12. Airgun bbs on coursers

    There better things to spend police money on rather than chasing hare coursers and taking cars n dogs off them but if a man was bringing 100kg of heroin in to city to kill peoples kids on streets and got caught with it in his car they wouldnt take car off him country f***ed
  13. cant wait for these day

    A good bit of sport there les
  14. Few does

    Good bit of shooting there mate it keep freezers topped up
  15. some of the deer we have had

    Some good mounts there les mate