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  1. Did my good deed for the week today

    Socks if the world was full of kind people like you this world would be a better place to live hope you and your family have a good xmas mate
  2. Highgate flapping track.

    Good night out there but sadly theres no money in flapping racing £25 to winner n £10 second place askern seems to be quite busy good turn out at times i dont go that often now
  3. Doubling up?

    My bull x dogs 2 yr old now had plenty rabbits just starting him on em now had couple but still not sure wether he make it or not time will tell let it mature slowly enter
  4. oscar pistorius

    I said from day one he didnt have a leg to stand on
  5. Pumpkins 🎃

    Tight git get to door give kids a treat lol
  6. Trick Or Treatin

    I thought it was penny for guy
  7. African Grey Parrot

    They doin good money £700-1000 get a baby pal bring it up how you want it good talkers
  8. Goshawks

    I be watching it
  9. Hunting Game

    Theres one for xbox 360 calebas big game hunter my lad loves it
  10. Wormers

    I use them work good for me aswell mate
  11. Theres one on ebay pal just type in lightforce under hunting it come up used tho
  12. Doubling Up Dogs

    If its not single handed its no good in my opinion mate
  13. Driver Required Lamping An Ferrting

    Location would help you out mate
  14. Time Off Hunting

    it seems they all arm chair hunters on here lol