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  1. Clothes

    We were too and told the same story but no one could actually tell us who was knocked down! I'm sure it happened but I think it was more indicative of the health and safety culture that was to come after.
  2. Badger Cull

    Have you ever spoken to a council pest controller?!
  3. Clothes

    The Lord Anthony Snorkel Parka! Behind more road accident conspiracies than InfoWars!
  4. Dumb down for kids?

    I agree with you about state education but what about the core education that comes from parenting? We reached a point in the recent past where the television has become a force that some deem a necessity. That's a lot of power if you don't have the ability to steer it.
  5. anybody work on the railways

    Pundalmentalism at it's finest!
  6. Is there still a first unread post thing?

    Good find! You're absolutely right!
  7. Is there still a first unread post thing?

    Shit innit! You have to go to the end and work back at the moment...
  8. Dumb down for kids?

  9. Dash cams & reversing cameras

    Go with the best you can afford. A biker I know was knocked off his Honda Dakar Rep and had a GoPro fitted to his lid. Doesn't even remember the incident aside from waking up in hospital. Local PD took the footage off the cam and it was so clear they were not only able to pull the number plate from the truck but they were also able to ticket them for an expired registration because the footage was so detailed they could read the expired tag. In the sue me society we've created HD footage is the difference between a fine and commendation!
  10. Dumb down for kids?

    Good posts, gents! The next question I guess is how do you reverse it?
  11. Dumb down for kids?

    Fully agree but do you think it's possible to pinpoint the time it went from at least partly educational to full on distraction? I know the first world has become a place where a lot of homes need to two breadwinners. Also a lot of homes with one parent. Where do you reckon the line was crossed from educational to the babysitter?
  12. Knowing what some people are like .......

    Give the number a ring and see!
  13. Dumb down for kids?

    Would the panel agree that at a point television provided education as well as entertainment and we reached a point where ratings became the only basis for programming? For the rest, I can't really argue. We've gone from Latin in your example to the gibberish that the Tellytubbies spout... Question is where do you draw the line at education?