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  1. Mixy " Disgusts and infuriates me "

    Thousands here, eat all the grass on the crofts, summat in their droppings that effects sheep too, big cull here last few years of grey lags and Canadas. Never bothered me but we get free ammo on goose cull scheme.
  2. I'm thinking at 15 you'd still need an appropriate adult to countersign too, preferably one who already has an FAC. As mentioned cabinet's are inexpensive, bigger the better in my opinion, then as you get more you don't need to upgrade. They last forever and a worthwhile investment, unless they decide to change the BS numbers, then we're all doomed. All FEO's are different and want different things, you'll only find out for sure when you get a visit, then they will be able to advise you and help.
  3. Ive used the online ones just for comparison of different ammo at http://gundata.org/ballistic-calculator I see now Sako and Hornaday have an app aswell as a few others, does anyone use any of these apps or online references. I'm sceptical about any calculations being accurate as there are too many factors to consider in the field aswell as different rifles. In a perfect world where we all have perfect conditions and rifles maybe, but we all know that's not the case. Thoughts?
  4. How times have changed

    They would come in your garden and lift it away on thier backs to the wagon, then return it. Some won't even empty them these days if the lid won't shut. They used to take anything left at the side of the bin too, as my old man discovered one day, even if you'd just propped it there for a while 😂 Everyone seemed a lot happier in the 50,60 and 70's, milkman would whistle, everyone would say "morning", the grocer, butcher and Baker would know you by name. We didn't need to recycle because we used it again or returned it! I could go on about the "good old days", but. Sure technology has improved our way of life, but the population as grown, and we're all wanting to better our way of life.
  5. Big Hudson Bay

    No bother I'll collect some bits 👍
  6. Big Hudson Bay

    It's made here and I know plenty of weavers if ya want scraps and not full widths, get ya bits for nawt.
  7. Out with .22

    Nice headshot 👍
  8. Hungry

    Drontal an yall be grand
  9. How times have changed

    Sad but true, my grandad served in both world wars, unfortunately he didn't have chance to take photos, but his stories will stay with me forever.
  10. Big Brother Is Watching You

    This is the thing, all the big companies Google and amazon the worse, collecting everything you do/search to target you and sell your info, we have to agree to their terms to even own a device these days. We can't even decipher the terms and conditions, let alone have the time to read them, but can't use the device we pay for without doing so. Had a hard time recently with bank wanting my phone number, it's ok if I need to I'll contact you! No sir we need your mobile number..... Err no your not getting it! Your move. Technology a way to improve our lives, yeah right, more a move to control us.
  11. Deep fried pizza!

    At least our chippy has a vast vegetarian variety, deep fried pizza, battered if you like 😂 I'm not sure I want to try one though hmmm
  12. Hey guys, I was out the other day with my old . 22 browning t-bolt, I've had it years and is my every day work horse. I've never had any problems, it's well maintained, to my capabilities, and still a true reliable rifle, only during the cold snap - 5, I had two misfires, the pin never even struck. I cycled the remaining ammo, reloaded the misfires and no problem, cracked them no problem. Never had this before! I know it's probably time I took it in for an overhaul, but the nearest gunsmith is a ferry ride and a day away, then I'd have to leave it, then the same to collect it. Hate to say it but I've lost confidence in the old horse! Any ideas anyone? Pics attached with the oil I always used. Many thanks.
  13. The Russians

    Kids here get free fruit when they want it breakfast break and afternoon, and p1-p3 still get free school lunch. Canny remember how much our lunches were as a kid, it was predicimalisation though.
  14. Miss fire.

    I ment to get back on this a while ago. I took it out a couple of days later when the air temperature was around 6c, without doing any thing to the bolt at all, fired fifty shots off down the beach, no misfires at all, or since. I'm not saying that there is no accumulation of crud, but as a general conclusion I am thinking a contributing factor was the -5 temperature. Without being able to remove the central pivot pin to gain access to the main spring and pin, I have a tin of Napier gun cleaner, so it will get a good blast, and hope it doesn't happen again. Thanks again for all your responses. Gav.
  15. Amazing talent, well done, again 👍
  16. Chefs Special

    Love the tang detailing. Very nice looking bit of kit. How many hours in that out of interest?
  17. Relationships

    Phone Jeremy Kyle
  18. Trump has muzzlednthe mad dog

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/09/north-korean-defectors-warn-donald-trump-kim-jong-un-lying-nuclear/ Time will tell!
  19. Miss fire.

    I use cci mini mags, it wasn't the ammo though, the pin actually never struck, no marks on the rim what so ever.
  20. Trump has muzzlednthe mad dog

    Sanctions seem to have worked then, or something more sinister. Don't trust any of them myself!
  21. Miss fire.

    Aye, normally a soak in red diesal and a blow out with the compressor then re-oil. Other bolts come apart pretty easy, this thing has a central pivot pin on the cocking action I'm not tempted to knock out, the only thing I'm confident in removing really is the ejector pin spring, but that doesn't grant access to the firing pin or main spring. I've looked at the napier solvent/oil but don't want to be too aggressive.
  22. Ticks

    Needs must, and I couldn't see it, good job I have a good wife! She's a keeper, would do the same for her huh 😂
  23. Pigs cheek

    They're in my freezer 😉
  24. Ticks

    There's more sheep than people here, we have problems all year round with them. If they're up to date with spot on, the ticks need to feed to get the chemicals in their blood stream, they should then die and fall off in a few days. The Tom o tick you can get for a few quid from vets etc and work a treat, even the wife got one outa the crack of my arse, hardly felt a thing! Tick life cycle is in three stages too, the nymph are tiny and hard to see on animals, it's only the adults that swell with blood and are obvious.