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  1. Im after some noraclav or clavamox if anyone has any for sale
  2. Can anyone recommend a good supplier for surgical sutures and surgical staplers
  3. What do people prefer 2mm or 3mm thick for the drawcord on there purse nets
  4. Bald Ferrets

    i no a lad who has a jill 13 year old and not one bit of fur on its body,
  5. Im looking at making a couple of double ferret boxes, whats the ideal size and what thickness of ply do people reccomend, id be gratefull for any other ideas also
  6. Cant get rid of fleas been bathing with flea shampoo and using frontline spot on but struggling to get rid of them
  7. Using spot on flea treatment but doesnt seem to be working, what are other people using
  8. Albino Jill Kit

    Looking for albino jill kit in the north east
  9. Looking for an albino jill kit in the north east
  10. Strengthen Loft Floor

    Make sure your joists are big enough , a mate of mine did his and never beefed the joists up, when you were inside the loft it was ok but when you were in the room below, the celing was bouncing up and down like a trampoline
  11. Log / Multi Fuel Burner

    How many of you have a stove with a boiler, or do you just let the heat from the stove heat the full house
  12. Milk

    I swear by LAMLAC if i had a litter of pups but dont know if it would be ok for ferrets
  13. What log/multi fuel burner do people recommend
  14. Anyone Use Ivermectin

    Thanks I wasnt going to inject it, was going to try using it like spot on
  15. Does anyone use ivermectin on their dogs