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  1. Ferreting unexpected find

    Theres nothing worst than tea that looks like milky water especially when its full of sugar, I like my tea really dark with just a tiny drop of milk so its just starting to change colour, a proper cup of tea.
  2. Ferret Finder

    Like i said the only difference between an 8ft and 15ft box is the sticker on the wheel, you can use an 8ft box with a 15ft collar you just double the readings on the wheel and its near enough
  3. Ferrets and gear nicked

    Some one was in at mine the other week took my old gill she will be about 8 year old and been an excellent worker id have given them one or all of the younger ferrets as long as they would of left her.
  4. Out again for a few hours

    What torch are you using
  5. Ferret Finder

    Theres no magic involved changing a mk1 8ft finder to a 15ft or vice versa all he did was change the sticker on the wheel , the boxes are the same 8ft or 15ft its the collars that make the difference
  6. HW35

    I remember when they came out, what did the 35e have that the standard 35 didnt
  7. A good mixed bag

    Just wondered what they taste like
  8. A good mixed bag

    Do you eat the greys
  9. Im after some noraclav or clavamox if anyone has any for sale
  10. Can anyone recommend a good supplier for surgical sutures and surgical staplers
  11. What do people prefer 2mm or 3mm thick for the drawcord on there purse nets
  12. Bald Ferrets

    i no a lad who has a jill 13 year old and not one bit of fur on its body,
  13. Im looking at making a couple of double ferret boxes, whats the ideal size and what thickness of ply do people reccomend, id be gratefull for any other ideas also
  14. Cant get rid of fleas been bathing with flea shampoo and using frontline spot on but struggling to get rid of them
  15. Using spot on flea treatment but doesnt seem to be working, what are other people using