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  1. Bull x Saluki Greyhound

    He looks right mate sure these bull x coursing things are the way forward 8
  2. Lucky Bred Pups

    That's the spirit brother
  3. im confused lol

    What x is he
  4. Resting

    Thanks for that sir you just can't let it get you down no runners fit so went out ratting wi the terrier round some allotments no rolling green fields just poking around compost bins and rattling stacks of seed trays was a nobble your pom wouldn't of gone a miss👍
  5. Another out for a bit

    That's not the attitude not the attitude at all young man lets talk about it
  6. Another out for a bit

    Same down here ferret and net weather
  7. Another out for a bit

    Tell me about it
  8. Gotta have a heart

    Done it few times dog out let vixen bolt away cover up the cubs let her come back and move them in the night not on pheasant land though I'd get hung lol
  9. Whats most popular lamp for running dogs

    Bull x type things there's some pics on here what I put on my dog's, pics taken in a 3 day window when 1 or the other wernt injured in some way 🤣
  10. Not bad for a pup .......

    Fair play socks brilliant for a grown dog never mind a nipper
  11. Whats most popular lamp for running dogs

    Good stuff mate different to mine wonder how they would get on running where I go probably better than my bunch of sick notes
  12. The pups having a feed

  13. The pups having a feed

    Lovely what's that there tearing into
  14. Whats most popular lamp for running dogs

    What dog dog's do you have mate
  15. Working a bitch while in season

    Whoops wrong thread my bitch not in season bad foot sorry got carried away 😳