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  1. That's it

    I had heard that
  2. Exercising lurchers during the summer

    Bit rough
  3. That's it

    I'm gonna go for a hankook
  4. That's it

    If you got a beddy cross knocking about I'll swap
  5. That's it

    Very true are you in the market for a knackered whip bull grey
  6. That's it

    Joking apart it don't matter what cross you run.if it hits wire or metal it get hurt
  7. That's it

    Aye it's a rum do are north a rum do indèed
  8. That's it

    Depends how you look at it
  9. Exercising lurchers during the summer

    That's the spirit brother
  10. That's it

    Yeah that's what I'm on
  11. That's it

    Went out for knock about as usual me bitch ran a rab jumped a fence landed in a pile of tin sheets bad chonk right on the wrist b*****d
  12. Beddy cross

    Well them look a rough an ready lot fair play
  13. Mooching Dog

    How dare you comment on a collie topic you hater
  14. Beddy cross

    Hey man I'm not doubting anybody the bedlington whippet man you speak of if it's the same bloke is a good chap done a lot work for him and mate of me old man and yes he knows a dog , no point ringing ray I don't know that well and plus every time I speak to him he just chuckling constantly
  15. How to improve recovery?

    Yes the crow no lipstick