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  1. Hale vetenary Group

    Long shot but anyone know a good vets in Leeds for working dogs pets for vets try to have your flipping life another near me don’t entertain working dogs vets against any form of hunting with dogs so charge you through nose
  2. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Wonder if he stays till dug to😂😂
  3. Little lads funny as !

    Funny that
  4. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Those two look a good pair what they got in them
  5. How did it all start ?

    I got brought up seeing all types of game small and large by my father and his deerhound cross first thing I seen caught when I was about seven or eight was a fox that tried to straight line my dads and my uncles two lurchers across a big field that our jack Russell put out of cover didn’t get very far🙈🙈🙈🦊
  6. stolen terriers

    I’m Leeds way I’ll pass these photos about a few lads hope u get them back and find out who took them
  7. Sunday morning raking

    Aire not sire
  8. Sunday morning raking

    There’s plenty round east side of Leeds and out towards York my two terriers nailed four just on river sire not five miles from city centre a lot of people walk down there with dogs along river and canal they must be used to sight and smell of dogs closer u get get to York there’s more otters so not as many mink the mink give a good run along banks into piles of drift wood that pile up against the willow trees at side of river when there in flood think I had seven last year in all good exercise for dogs and keeps them keen🤨🤨
  9. whos working lakeys this season?

    She’s three now lakey with bit of boarder and Russell she has no backwards gear if owt she takes a bit off punishment when she shouldn’t but not really put a foot wrong for me her dam is 11 she never allowed to go ground now she semi retired sleeps on sons bed never r or we’re the best but they do me and the young dog gets the job done
  10. Sunday morning raking

    Kc not Lc
  11. Sunday morning raking

    My pal got two Lc bitch dashounds there no world beater but they put all sorts out on a little walk down side of river and odd time we come across a mink there not shy of getting suck in with my two terrier bitches
  12. whos working lakeys this season?

    Some nice looking dogs at least I know there’s some good lakey dogs about to hopefully put my younger bitch to in a couple of years
  13. whos working lakeys this season?

    My two r Lakeland Russel cross young birch got a bit of boarder from sire side
  14. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Sorry got posts mixed up
  15. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Str that Russel got a drop of English bull in it by any chance