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There aint a lot on here working their dogs regularly. This means a lot of dogs are sitting about in kennels having a miserable life. Then when the dogs don't perform, they get pasted from pillar to p

Yeah,..I gift pups to folk that understand jukels.... I only breed when I need a new youngster,..and when I have made my choice,..I keep it out of the way when lads come to collect theirs. G

I reared a litter 3 years ago,let them all go for 150 or less,cost me loads to feed em and innoculations,never made a profit or broke even,but I never tried to ,but a man is perfectly within his right

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On 20/01/2023 at 09:03, Moocher71 said:

I bred a litter of small lurchers to keep one myself around 8 year ago "bedy whippet X patterdale X non ped whippet and what pups didn't go to family , friends i put  in cmw and  I've never had so many crazy fcukers ring me and in the end 3 stayed within the family and 1 to a ferreting home other 2 went to a women who goes to all the fly ball comps ,

Id like a litter out my bedy grey but they  lot of things that puts me off and maybe I'll buy a pup in 

I think that’s the best bet mate saves dealing with fecking muppets.People aren’t happy with bargains and we’ll bred things they are just happy wanting things for feck all with no hard work to do.

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A lot of these matters are out of ones "control", any spare pups I have, after all the dust has settled, are sold. Most have been picked/ordered early, however for any reason a person has changed their minds I try to make it as easy as possible for them to drip out. Often people don't even show when stating they are coming out to view, that doesn't bother me I expect nothing, I simply move onto the next name on the list, that's been formed before the pups arrived. I've just about heard every story /plan for the puppy, some normal and some wild, but I've LEARNT   a long time ago once the puppy leaves here its fate is out of my control. Once again, I expect nothing, so I'm not pissed off /gutted to hear the half witted /weak-minded, cross-dressing bloke on bloke lover has totally wreaked the pup/young dog. I do however give credit to those that decide for a huge raft of good reasons (matters out of their control) to rehome the dog & give me a call first.I don't judge. Furthermore, I can live with what I've done, the effort I've made, the rest is in the hands of others & again out of my control. I sleep like a baby at night.

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