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In the land of the shallow obviously the shallowest people are king ! 
Why is this total non entity even a story ?

They have moved in with his mum and dad !!…..does this also make his parents as big a couple of fuckwits as this dude obviously is for not saying “Oi, get back to your kids you stupid c**t !” ?

What a f***ing world !…..I despair 😞 

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She’s f***ing rats man 

hes the sort of div whose got a few tattoos , thinks he Jason mamoa , poncing around trying to chat up the nurses at work . It’s a cast that he’s been chatting to her on social media . 

bringing a bird into your home , making your wife feel unwanted and uncomfortable, then slinking off with her . 

makes my skin crawl 

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13 minutes ago, DIDO.1 said:

Mother in law looks a bit of a strong one though 

Might be her transvestite dad in this day and age 😳

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