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Any recommendations for healing

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Oh right sorry..... im assuming the vet just said "f**k it kid leave it like that be rate"

I think I'd be changing my vet......... Cheers.

That can be easily stitched and if your vet can’t do it come to me I will have it done in two minuets …..  

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55 minutes ago, Jamie Bleu said:

Using gold label purple spray at the moment? 

you want to get that stitched, or stapled up, depending on when injury a occured, looks like a barbed wire gash, nasty, keep it well cleaned and rest the dog, probably take a while to heal. atb

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That fur n that needs trimming off anything will heal if kept clean but its gonna be a long wait that will be a ugly looking scar aswell id deffo get that seen to.Purple spray ok but id be wanting intrisite gel or similer keep that hydrated 

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17 minutes ago, hewastheboy said:

If you do not know that it needs pulling together and closing then I have no hope for you healing this if you do close it rember to leave a drain hole AT THE BOTTOM.

No chance of pulling this together! There’s no tissue to stitch to 

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2 minutes ago, Jamie Bleu said:

Been to the vet you Fuking idiot 

Don't mean to sound like a cnut, but if you had posted a little more info people could help better. E.g" dog caught on barbed wire, been to vet, any advice on keeping it clean and what have people used to help to heal quicker". Without the relevent info people just assume its just happened and will state the obvious. Just an observation

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