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yeh i remember a few years back sheepchaser of this site nearly had his house burn down whilst charging a deben one...

it caught fire whilst he was out if i remember right...im sure he said his naighbour raised the alarm....could have been real nasty 

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I find led poor mate much better with halogen i think mate 👍 

We’re do you put the oil? ☺️ 

Used to have a car battery on my mates mams granny shopping trolley and an old night owl lol do out to get out when you’re young atb longers01 

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10 minutes ago, Kalibrgun said:

I got the middle sized one just over 13 amp but is a nice size I got mine from bobco at Leeds I had a look at the bigger one but was overkill £159.99 for the one I got seems really solid and well made 



Looks alright that can charge my phone for all the tik toks I’m going to make 🤣 but seriously looks alright for the money 

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2 minutes ago, brambles said:

I've been looking for a blitz since mine packed up last season, are they out of production, any info on where to pick one up would be appreciated 

you can still get them....from australia mate.....just got to pay for shipping

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4 minutes ago, TOMO said:

mate them other 3 small plug socket things.....what do they all look like....two look the same size ...but whats the other

2 are usb and the other is like the new phone socket usb c or whatever they're called that's the charging port one. Even got wireless charging on the side 😂

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5 minutes ago, Gypsydog94 said:

Looks alright that can charge my phone for all the tik toks I’m going to make 🤣 but seriously looks alright for the money 

It seems a belter for the money better made than Deben even the pouch it comes in is Comfy 😂

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18 minutes ago, sandymere said:

It would appear the THL is slowly being dragged towards the 21 st century.....



Mind i still prefer the old faithful for the little bits of permission, the lights easier for my old eyes to see😁


We’re do you put the oil? ☺️ 

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1 hour ago, brambles said:

You got a link for them mate

Shipping and import tax I got stung ordering from Australia mate wouldn’t bother costs as much as it would buying from the uk few on eBay every now and again unless you know someone who lives in Australia and will ship it as a present 🎁 atb BB

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