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What's cooking?

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Rabbit Pie ! And, for the purists, made with shortcrust pastry, NOT puff pastry ! ? ! Cheers.

Family get together at ours, so a bit of a spread.. 13 hour cooked brisket, slow cooked pork shoulder.. Home made coleslaw, stuffing, roasties... and a 2 day hangover! Lol

Treat off my dad tonight, he's a friend on the fresh fish stall up town... Scallops and lemon sole fillets...

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4 minutes ago, Lenmcharristar said:

Is it worth the money though mackem?

To me it is mate,we pass this way once,might never walk down this road again,if you want to do something……Do it!

We live but once.

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11 hours ago, Daniel cain said:

Walk along the canal with some Rum and Raisin ice-cream..DSC_6035.JPG.5db5a11934be4a9bdd8ef759918111fa.JPG

My favorite flavour I usaully do a litre tub on a Sat or Sun afternoon through the summer, call in Mr Creemy' next time you're over Penygraig way 😁

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