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How's the season been for you?

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Hope everyone is keeping well both physically & mentally too during these uncertain times..just wondering how you all have done regarding working your dogs this past season what with all the restr

Best season had in a long time , plenty about probably cause rifle boys aren’t driving the roads in the evening or not travelling , young bitch has turned it on and become exactly what I hoped ! Old b

I’ve this young bitch she’s 19months old now it’s her first season she’s doing very well for me considering the lack of rabbits she’ll ferret/lamp/mooch for me I love her attitude to work she’s provin

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Was flat out till Xmas doing very well then bitch came into season mid December and with lock down iv not got going again, not tripped off once this season but still found a few more good spots by me 

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Been a belting season for me to be honest😏 I travelled until the weather on the hills ment I couldn’t (and if I could it’s pointless lamping in it anyways...) plenty bits local kept the freezer topped up 😁 blue has shown his true colours and old shellys done his bit to earn his keep. Couldn’t have asked for a better season under the circumstances. Now blues got a little toe injury so he’s resting up and I’ll let them chill out just doing bits of ratting till next season... I can’t wait 🤩

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Got to be one of the worst seasons I've had in yrs ,lock down ment no travelling and rabbit numbers at a all time low local , also lost a perm on a farm I have worked for many yrs as owner got dementia so his grandson took over and put a end to that ,he apart shooting brigade and looks down at lurcher lads 

My team of stinkers only had few trips out and its got to the point I'm thinking of knocking ferreting on the head and I never thought I'd say that as I've worked ferrets since I was a kid  .my dogs was kept fit and pushed out and retrieved other stuff but no where near what we normally do as to many dog walkers and nosey sods about as lock down brought them all out walking over priced unfit designer xs in places  you wouldn't normally see a sole .

Let's hope next season a better one 


The youngster of the pack turned into a cracker 



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