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'Barrister of colour '

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To be fair, how many black defendants must a London court see every day :pardon:


I once got mistaken for a junior solicitor when I was in court - the CPS girl actually made eyes at me and let me buy her a coffee before my hearing  - she still got me an £850 fine though :rolleyes:

............ the look on her face when she saw that I was up next was priceless  :laugh:


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funniest tale of mistaken identity has to be from when my old school was a grammar school, brutal twat of a deputy head gave a new maths teacher a pasting on his first day for not having the correct uniform, would not believe he was a new teacher as he looked so young

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Didn't you know THL was the headquarters of UK Klu Klux clan?  Don't be surprised if somebody calls you "white trash" or "nigger lover."  To fit in on here you have to think Alf Garnet, "Love thy neighbour" Donald Trump. Er, I'll get my coat.

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46 minutes ago, DIDO.1 said:

Oh give over. THL is the last bastion of free speech and free humour. 

It's a forum, not the last outpost in a post apocalyptic Orwellian 1984.  Is the word n*gger humourous and essential in a "free" society?

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