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Hunting .with the 177 cal.

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I never really gave the jsb heavies much barrel time in the 100 or r10 mark but the 100 bloody loved biz mags and thats all i fed her for a long time and they worked a treat. The 99 is more than happy

I dont think you can beat an hw100 mate, iv had plenty of different pcp's but only have them a few months then get ridd, iv had this hw100 kt  since new, about 2 years, before that i had a full length

use to use the heavies loads till I started shooting around livestock, used them and biz mags as both are good when your stretching the range! problem was pass throughs and ricochets .. not a pro

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39 minutes ago, big napper said:

This is it mate and the cammo full length i had which tom burras off here bought from me and the wooden stock kt i had before that, all spot on





38 minutes ago, big napper said:

Sorry for getting off the subject mark, all .177 thou and used bisley mags

That's what I'm lpoking to get b n, hw100 kt synthetic. Will be a purely pest control rifle ?

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1 hour ago, big napper said:

This is it mate and the cammo full length i had which tom burras off here bought from me and the wooden stock kt i had before that, all spot on




Good to see that gun again! Had some great times with it - it was a belter. The guy I sold it to stripped, modified and oiled the stock then somehow fitted a bottle to it! It looked amazing afterwards. 

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A JSB Heavies fan here also.

In testing I found that the best pellets in my rifle are either JSB Heavies or light pellets like AA & JSB express.

Indoor when I travelled up to Atherton indoor range for some testing the AA express just grabbed it I would say.... but it was so marginal it wasn`t clear cut. What was a surprise though was that no medium weight pellets matched the heavies or express.

So I tested out in the paddocks and at range the heavies very slightly nudged ahead. But for me the selling point on the Heavies has been on head shot rabbits and corvids straight on (H&L). The BC of the JSB heavies puts it flatter on trajectory than the Bisley Magnums, but still has the weight for smashing through breast bones on corvids etc. On rabbits its noticeable how much more damage is done with shots passing though...I suspect its the shape being like a plunger up the middle of a syringe (hydro-static cavity ?) dragging the brains out and dumping them in big bloody clot. 

Just my observations though.

The key without doubt though is placement. 



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im pushing the jsb 10.3 grain at 920 fps.. these have proven to be the most accurate to me in both the lw and polygonal barrels out of a raw airgun...all my 5 shot groups with this combo

is well under a 5 pence at 50 yards... every single group out doors. and I agree a pellet that is too hard or soft can pose problems on game. the jsb heavy is one of the best pellets ever made. I have 70 tins of them right now with different lot numbers for accuracy.. but in the past 6 years I have went through 40 tins of both jsb heavh and hn 10.6...as stated all with different lot numbers and accuracy changes with same pellets but with different lot numbers as well.. hopes this helps

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On 12/01/2020 at 10:07, mark williams said:

Not in any way a caliber question lads but rather a pellet weight question.

              I`ve shot exclusively with the light weight JSB Exact Express 4.52, 7.87 g pellets for nearly 4 years now and can't see me changing much after the successful trips I,ve had.

             My question is - do any of you lads hunt with the JSB Heavies  10.34 g in .177 cal ?

             I was watching a Vermin Hunters t.v. video recently and I was very impressed with the wallop/ tissue damage these particular pellets gave from sub/12 rifles at a shorter 25/ 30 yds on squirrel.


Hi Mark, 

I use 10.34 jsb heavies in my 56TH, and my 97,

and more recently 10.34 Ultrashock in the 80, which it is very accurate with, 

my guns are over 12 ftlbs though. 

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On 02/05/2020 at 21:29, mick.c said:

Well if they come in 4.51 I will give them a try in my old s410 as it only likes pellets in 4.51 but my BSA likes them in 4.52 and by god they don't half hit hard...cheers


I get my 4.51mm JSB Heavies from Sundon Model Shop on Ebay. 

Can't recommend them highly enough. They have an excellent range of pellets and their service is superb in my experience. 

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