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  1. guys what cal would you pic 177 or 25 in sub 12. would you rather hunt with a 177) 8.4 grain at 800 fps or. 25 cal with a 26 grain at 460 fps...……...both of these are bang on 12 foot pounds. where I live I can do that. for rabbit hunting and general small game.. what would you choose and why.... remember that 25 cal drifts less in the wind and holds on to its power longer at distance.....something to think about? I know scopes have mil dots so distance isisnt a problem with ither…..thing is what cal is more effective at takeing game?
  2. no they arnt cheaper at all sadly. but its a great sport. and those 10.3 grain have been the best so far as to accuracy
  3. my battery has been going good now for 10 years and ive run 20 k shots through mine. as for hunting and battery life you wont need to charge more than once a month
  4. im pushing the jsb 10.3 grain at 920 fps.. these have proven to be the most accurate to me in both the lw and polygonal barrels out of a raw airgun...all my 5 shot groups with this combo is well under a 5 pence at 50 yards... every single group out doors. and I agree a pellet that is too hard or soft can pose problems on game. the jsb heavy is one of the best pellets ever made. I have 70 tins of them right now with different lot numbers for accuracy.. but in the past 6 years I have went through 40 tins of both jsb heavh and hn 10.6...as stated all with different lot numbers and accuracy c
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