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  1. Robo9

    Strange Pheasant

    give me a shout if you fac the 97....☺
  2. Robo9


    Ha too right! was about to say exactly the same thing!
  3. Robo9

    Back into the swing

    At the moment it's 16/17 depending on the pellet, It only likes heavier pellets,currently using Stoeger X HOLLOW 177, they hit very hard and dump all their energy without overpenetrating. launching those at 835 fps
  4. 6am this morning and they were out.... so was I with the 97 Blue Demon in its final stage of tune, aptly named the Thors Hammer tune.... finally stopped fettling, now let's go get em!
  5. Yep, it popped up in front of me at 30m!
  6. Been off work for weeks with a detached biceps tendon, post surgery, arm now strong enough to shoot the 97 with the aid of the rest, first time out for 10 weeks, early morning start, three good rabbits and a hare...
  7. Robo9

    Squirrel session.

    Good shooting! Thats one small thing I miss...... squirrel bashing with a springer!
  8. Robo9

    How much more satisfying can it get ?

    Springers Rock!
  9. Robo9

    Catch a bullshitter

    I can absolutely confirm that's total BULLSHIT, as earlier in this topic refer those concerned to the youtube of Ted's Holdover, he shows it slo mo on video, OR just guide the idiot to research a little and there are many threads on why fac airrifle owners restrict their guns to under 950 fps... when air rifle pellets are concerned, above 900 fps accuracy starts to fade, and from 950 up velocity and accuracy are inversely proportional. Fact. I KNOW this to be true from my own gun, HW97K tuned FAC .177
  10. good shooting Mark, your a legend! bloody brilliant!
  11. Robo9

    Hunting with the Air Arms Pro Sport .177.

    Im a 97 tuning nut! so enjoy it immensely, those groups are truly inspiring.... my 97 can do this on a good day also
  12. Robo9

    Hunting with the Air Arms Pro Sport .177.

    That's a great shot and worth waiting for! what are the pro sports like? Im a 97 fanatic but the prosport interests me...
  13. Robo9

    Airgun Tuning & Servicing

    Vortek PG2 SHO kit no question better and cheaper than vmach which are over priced and not as high power researched this Extensively for the 97 no question. don't give a xxxx what anyone else says, only the people who've never tried vortek or have v mach themselves say otherwise..... this is my experience, and I've had both.