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  1. Robo9

    Airgun Tuning & Servicing

    Vortek PG2 SHO kit no question better and cheaper than vmach which are over priced and not as high power researched this Extensively for the 97 no question. don't give a xxxx what anyone else says, only the people who've never tried vortek or have v mach themselves say otherwise..... this is my experience, and I've had both.
  2. Robo9

    I don`t think i`ll ever buy another PCP.

    I've had a Theoben mk11, tuned hot (by me) hit hard. 20. BUT my HW97K nows very accurate and self tuned it's 17 plus ft lbs! way better.... pcps you can keep um. HW tuned to whatever power your allowed, is way more satisfying to 1,tune yourself 2,fire, as opposed to the dead click and hiss 3,way more challenging to shoot accurately, 4,way more rewarding. 5,Totally self contained! I only strip mine occasionally to make tuninig tweaks, no other reason to, as it never goes wrong, look on chambers website, you can buy any part for the 97 down to the smallest trigger part! It's like a good watch! buy a good one and it can always be fixed! I'll finish by saying having owned, rimfires, shotguns, 243,308,270,centre fires, now just shoot targets, pest birds and rabbits with my 97 and it's the best gun and the best shooting I've ever done! ps watched a YouTube video yesterday of the HW100, was gobsmacked at the number of o rings it had AND the amount that will give leaking issues. yep been there done that Spring is King
  3. Robo9

    Another early morning start

    yep, Im in New Zealand, my Blue Demon 97 is a tad under 16 ft lbs and Lazer accurate
  4. Robo9

    Another early morning start

    yep, head shot straight on, jsb heavy, 52 metres, off porta aim tripod. instant lights out.
  5. Robo9

    Decent bag of bunnies

    Thats awesome guys wish I could be there with you! got room for blue 97 out the back window?! I've always maintained the air rifle is the best rabbit machine! way better than shot guns or rimfires, and here, once again, is the proof!
  6. This is curry tonight
  7. This beast is going to be eaten by us tommorow night.... searching recipes now..
  8. Yep, me too, kept snakes for twenty two years when I was there, used to feed the boas sparrows and starlings shot with my Feinwerkbau sport [wish I kept that gun] now keeping workshop buildings clear with the 97, got sixty two now.
  9. bloody hellfire missilesbatman, has anyone googled the diseases carried by the European starling? they are a big pest over here in the berry growing orchards, huge damage and massive numbers, big pest here! I love shooting them! keeps my eye in and when I go after rabbits on Saturday mornings they appear like bears in comparison! Same here mate, my boss asked me to hit the starlings that are nesting and messing everywhere around our workshop, so I've been getting in early, got 47 so far with the Blue Demon!
  10. Same here mate, my boss asked me to hit the starlings that are nesting and messing everywhere around our workshop, so I've been getting in early, got 47 so far with the Blue Demon!
  11. Yep, I've got a 4-12x40 Hawke airmax on the 97 and I really rate it, same thoughts as you! it's a perfect match for the gun and the shooting I do, I like 8x power the best!
  12. whoa, got to watch you! had us going for a minute! talk about feathers ruffled,!
  13. Thankyou mate, nice to see the blue.... ☺
  14. Im in New Zealand buddy, my 97 is 15.5 ft lbs, all my rabbits on this property are beyond 50m, lying prone on top of a stop bank resting on my porta aim tripod the main warren is 53 metres, 97 zeroed for 50, launching JSB heavies at 809 fps. As you can see from the title 21 so far, my wife has been beside me for a couple of sessions, I shoot mainly targets, the Blue Demon is running a vortek PG2 SHO kit, and on a good day I've shot a 13mm 5 shot group at 50. So Bud it is possible, I do it every week. Currently shooting starlings for my employer, 43 so far...