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  1. Robo9

    no. 17 for the Blue Demon

    JSB exact heavy @ 805
  2. Early morning, shot off the trusty porta aim tripod from my usual area, long shot, head shot..... lights out, much blood, got covered as did it!
  3. Robo9

    Hi from New Zealand

    yup, and if I had an elephant... you'd have a box to put it in! , your post is a great indicator of yourself Topper! [Noddy!]
  4. Robo9

    early mooch /97 blue sfs

    Is the blue 97 12 ft lbs?
  5. Robo9

    early mooch /97 blue sfs

    I can believe it...
  6. Robo9

    Another early morning start

    Yes you do, ha my 97 shoots like a Lazer on it! love smashing rabbits exactly where I aim just behind the eye..... at 53 m and hitting them consistently!
  7. Robo9

    Another early morning start

    Further to this Ian does pellet tests on all Weihrauchs that he sells, even new non tuned guns get shot over a measured no. of shots to establish preferred ammo for that gun, tuned guns get extensive testing of pellet types, so he provides a tuning service and a pellet test service for tightest groups!.... how many airgun tuners do that! In performing the above tests the customer is given a list of the rifles favorite top three pellets, and with HW barrels with successive serial numbers the top three are often different! Ian is also keen to help diy tuners like myself and has phoned me here in New Zealand twice, from Australia! to personally answer a couple of tuning queries before the Blue Demon transformation! !
  8. Robo9

    Another early morning start

    I was talking to my go to person here on this side of the globe recently about the 77/97's and the individual differences between gun to gun, he gave the example of two 97's received into him from the factory, with successive serial no's, yep one no. apart, he described one as good and the other 80fps slower and shot like crap. [he tunes thousands of Weihrauchs then tests them on a Swiss accuracy device used for Olympic shooting events] Following this revelation then set about fixing the problem before putting it on sale in his shop. {Check out gunroom Aus, tuning the HW97K, Ian McIntosh} what this guy doesn't know about Weihrauchs....
  9. Robo9

    Another early morning start

    That's great, really satisfying when you get a tight group, I've completed all pellet tests, am sticking with the jsb heavies, they group like that launched from my Blue Demon - like a Lazer on rabbits from the porta aim! and hit hard and penetration is Very effective! After extensive testing they proved to be the best, so I bought ten tins! and I've used half of them,.... ☺
  10. Robo9

    Another early morning start

    Hey yep, tried those they don't group well in my barrel, it was down to jsb heavies or baracuda match, and the heavies are way better, softer lead also I found H&N harder lead leaves more crap in the barrel after shooting high volume target sessions which I do, and I chronograph regularly to confirm this
  11. Robo9

    Another early morning start

    809 fps mate
  12. Go for a vortek kit read about them, Check out the results Blue Demon owner in the Hunting section ...... ☺
  13. I grew up with BSA air rifles from the age of 12,super meteor, then airsporter, The reason it resembles the airsporter is because it IS the break barrel equivalent OF the airsporter, I remember the guys in Woodies of Wembley telling me that when I traded my meteor for the airsporter....
  14. Robo9

    Another 3 for the hw77 tonight

    Hey, three's a popular no. SNAP!