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Rabbit hunting

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I read thread this thread when it started and thought you've been getting some good detailed advice so there was nothing l could add. Then l remembered what it was like when l had my first air ri

Not really, you would be better off using pellets.

Daniel hi. My apologies for the delay in catching up as I've been out of circulation with a health issue these last months. And thank you to Phil, Bigmac and Mark and all the lads who say such kind th

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1 hour ago, Rabbiter12...2 said:

Hi again guys

ive been offered a Webley Axor .22 8 shot pcp with silencer bsa scope and a pump for £260

i know this is a lot so I wanted to ask for some other opinions before I said yes or no

What do you think?


they look to be a basic  (fx 2000 I think it has some other names )  a good gun if its working as it should  . I have read they can leak but  look eazy to strip and replace o rings all pcps leak a some piont when the o rings fail over time , but all air guns have seals deteriorating over time .

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Once again... i have a similar gun, AGS litew8 .22 8shot... mags are expensive and if seal do leak can be tricky to replace all the allen keys are lock tighted in and soft metal.

Shot count is about 40 shots. So if you only have a pump then youll get a great workout.

Youll probably be better off with a drive bottle but that is more expence to consider.

On the plus side pcp would be better as no recoil to deal with so easier to shoot. Mines accurate enough to 40 yards.



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2 hours ago, Furrosious ferreter said:

... So if you only have a pump then youll get a great workout...

Especially if your mate, who is a mechanic, doesn't check the loose o-ring and you spend 45 minutes doing it. Just for example, like...

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I don't know this gun at all so cannot pass comment but I will say if I were you, try to find a pcp with a good shot count per fill so that the demand for air is not so bad although I will stay that without doubt a dive cylinder is both very fast to refill the rifle and no effort to do it. It is all down to budget and how much you want to spend. 

It is quite possible that someone on here may have something to fit both your pocket and requirement.  A rifle that might be just right for you is the Walther RM8 which I have had and dislike but that was the early ones and I understand they are ok now.


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