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The usually accepted standard is being able to group impacts within a radius the size of a 5p at what ever distance you wish to shoot at.



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22 hours ago, Rabbiter12...2 said:


will try different pellets 

Try loads of different pellets to see what gives you the best groups, well worth the time spent.


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Is your rifle up to the task? Great pellets are not going to do much with a naff trigger, naff barrel, inconsistent power output and poor build standards.

But if yours is a quality air rifle, then the right pellet and the work from you will produce the results you are after.

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Ah I see you have found us in the right section for you Daniel. 

Daniel is 14 years of age guys using a Webly Exorcet springer who ws looking for advice on his future gear and what to go for so I suggested he joined us here to give him sound advice but at the same time said that I was not the man to advise on springers. With all that in mind guys, let us try to offer this young man some guidence as I know you lot will.

Both Simon and Mark above use springers for hunting more than most people and will offer very valid advice. I have seen how good a shot Pianoman (Simon) is and believe me, he is amazing with a springer. Bigmac (Jimmy) will be along before long and again a long serving member of the springer shooters and Si Brown is another all rounder who is a bit clever at tuning rifles.


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Thanks Phil for the kind words mate

Now where do i start Daniel listen to what ever Simon tells you mate his knowledge of spring rifle shooting is second to none 

what he has forgotten about springers is more than any of us will ever know .

Like Phil iv spent time with Simon (Pianoman)and watched him shoot his beloved hw80 ,,77,,97

and boy can this man shoot one .

all i can say is dont hold the rifle to tight let it slide back in your for hand

practice and practice then practice some more you need to be in a 5p group or better a one hole group every single shot

this way you will have the accuracy and the confidence to take down pray with one shot 

all you get with most spring rifles is one shot so this one shot needs to count .

Not good wounding some thing only to let it die some where else not good at all

iv shot spring rifles for years and still practice to this day with them

Spring rifle shooting can be very rewarding when it all comes together and you pull a cracking shot not once but twice and so on BUT a seconds laps in concentration and it can all go horribly wrong i know iv been there and if the rest are honest so have they a spring rifle has a way of letting you know who is boss .

If your starting off with a spring rifle once you have mastered shooting one and move onto a pcp this will help you shooting a pcp ,,,pcp,s are so much easier to shoot no recoil and most are multi shot .

Another thing that needs to BE SAID



Another thing is FIELD CRAFT learn it and learn good

Dont listen to Mark Williams on field craft he just sits on his ass in a hide lol

But iv got to admit the man can shoot a spring rifle mind dont think any one puts the time in practicing as he dose  

and it pays dividends for him,


Hopefully Simon will come back on and tell you how to hold and shoot your rifle so you can produce these groups

May be you can get a better rifle one day like a hw 99,,97,,,77,,and so on

Mind most will need a tune if you do get one but thats some thing you can talk to Si Brown about when the time comes

14yrs old Daniel young enough to learn loads if you take notice of us

and may be get the reputation as a good springer man some one to go to for help and advice 

such as Simon the mans a legend on spring rifle shooting


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To be 14 yrs old again :angel: :whistling:.

               If you are an average size of lad of 14 I would lean towards a HW 95 Luxus in the caliber of " your choice" - mine would definitely be .177 caliber.

               Go and shoulder some rifles at your local Gun Shop first Daniel and see which rifles fit you best - ( very important) :good:

               Watch out for a big fella that likes his burgers too :laugh:, knows his stuff but not his burgers.


               Good luck buddy.



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Welcome along buddy...

I have a webley xocet in .22 i have found it very harsh to shoot mine works best of a bag held loosely with a consistant cheek weld to the stock, but it does kick.

I would suggest trying jsb exacts or airarms field diablo. If yours is a .22

Then practice practice and practice until you can put 5/10 pellets through a 20mm hole at 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 yards or meters, you can expect a few fliers if pellets arent checked.

Good luck buddy and keep with it.

Get some pics up of your attemps and rifle.



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