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Let’s see your collie greyhounds

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1 minute ago, Greyman said:

The big dog on the left was one of his early ones bred from some of the dogs he wrote about in his books and cost my mate £250 the little whippet X on the right cost me £2.50 from the dogs home and would beat the big dog on everything, single handed Fox,s ,hares and bunny’s day or night the big thing was useless despite my mate putting no end of effort into it, I even dug to the whippet a few times but I was young and single and out 5days a week, the Plummer was really slow to get started and once he did start working he would knock toes up every time he went out, a nights lamping or a days coursing would normally leave him lame for a fortnight, certainly not good value for money unless you enjoyed watching your prize stud run alongside a fox for two fields trying to get it to play 😂😂😂 


Heard few similarities tales of his dogs but some them were proper lookers, got give him that 😂

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6 hours ago, poxon said:

Not to nock the bedlington Lurchers in Scotland I’m not nocking them at all but are they really a true line or are they a type bred ? I’m going for type bred rather than a true line👍🏼

They got corgi and haggis hound anthem way back I'm told

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1 hour ago, Phil Lloyd said:

We can never, really predict, how the future may pan out...time will tell....😉




Keep me posted please mate, looking good for a fair bit of new acreage down here and may need some backup for the busted whippet. 😊

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21 minutes ago, stormyboy said:

Keep me posted please mate, looking good for a fair bit of new acreage down here and may need some backup for the busted whippet. 😊

Whereabouts in the Duchy are you mate? PM if preferred. 

Cheers, D.

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