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Well well well look what’s for sale

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One of the saddest things to me in fieldsports is dogs getting pushed from pillar to post, some people shouldn't be allowed to own a hamster let alone a dog....

I was about 14 and used to make a few quid in the summer from salmon,there was an advert in Guns and Ammo magazine showing a guy with a blow-gun holding up a coyote,i had also read Dan mannix book a s

Is this the same Lurcherlad that bred the merle bitch to a black bull x last year? Well if it is I said years ago he was a peddling little prick who is full of shit, he had them run over, injured, bro

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54 minutes ago, jiggy said:

It is depending which end of the spectrum you end up on. I've seen a lad that made it to the UFC getting his arse handed to him several times by smaller men on the street. I would rather keep my mouth shut as he should of done. No matter how good anyone is you will eventually meet your match if constantly looking for it. I know of a good international amateur boxer that beat half his own town up during years of heavy drinking.He went to Thailand and got called out by a young thai kid to challenge him in the local bar (ring setup fights) and he jacked because he knew that young lad would kick his legs off and embarrass him in front of his home town boys and a video to prove it. A shut mouth catchs no flies . The guy that made it to UFC had tons of power but no flexibility and overwhelmed everybody at lower level fighting with pure strength but got found out when he met the elite. Granted when I seen him get beat before a couple of times he was young but he looked for it every where he went. 

I know a lad like that now walks land like permission 10st big gorilla farmers come he fight all day long.... midland champ twice and doing a bare knuckle event 29th this month... he don’t look for it but if it comes he go 👍🏻

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2 hours ago, Dinosaurs said:

In his prime i think i would bet me money on Ray  even now i think he’d sort a good few of us on here. I’m not putting his name up for this or any other scrap as i think he’s above this sort of silliness. Atb

Ray is still 1 bad bad mofo 

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