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Foxpack 2

Day Out

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Had a day out with a good mate of ours who's a Shepherd on a certain farm. He invited us up as he is seeing foxes regular. After doing a few spots and having some good hunting a lad cleanly shot a fox that broke across a field.post-105697-0-80375700-1507479852_thumb.jpg


Only couple of pics as my phone died.

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What a beautiful picture. Years ago, my brothers and I had to build dry stone walls on the farm. It was backbreaking work for young lads and my dad was merciless. When you see a length like that it brings back memories. b*****d. Jok.

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Absuletly pissed down from 8oclock onwards. But we can't be fair weather hunters unless we will never be out. Farmer had phoned to say all cattle was off the spot and we had free rain of spot. We done 2big banking. 2foxes in. One missed and one cleanly shot. Good morning out. Everybody piss wet through.



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Beautiful places Been some cracking hunting posts on both the sites lately keep it up folks 👍🏻

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