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Show Us Your White Dog's

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this is a hunting dog, not comfortable apartment in your armchair,old school dogs,in my country and region are hunterer no 'show',you can tell that you have no idea of hunting dogs that live in the field hunting every day, where you live and hunt in Qatar, you never went hunting with dogs?? you've ever seen some 3-day-old dogs hunting in the field 7 or 8 hours a day??? Well I tell you, in my country Uruguay is hunted every day in hard places and brabing animals like European wild boar and you can stay 3 days in the countryside without coming home to sleep, sleeping in the trees men and but, layers you once heard it in a story or a book, here it is...

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it's not Jr,it's bull terreir x Fox terrier wire x whippet, the tail is between the legs is scared to be tied up, this dog never gets tied up, it's free, as I said I'm old school, I don't bathe dogs, they come from tired hunting to sleep and the next day I don't like dogs that aren't natural I look for non-beauty hunting functionality in a dog, so you won't see my bathed dogs not anything similar, they're non-city country, and I don't want to offend anyone by my style of raising hard hunting dogs and not beauty, I hunt all that can be eaten, and pests, Cazo to dogs and firearms 

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1 hour ago, W. Katchum said:

Don’t need to explain yourself mate, thanks for info on dog can see the fox terrier now it’s mentioned, let’s hear about your hunts?

Yes he does as everyone that comes on this site has to,ya should know that by now,cos if they don’t they get bullied into explaining ffs.

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I will create a thread about hunting dogs and earth in Uruguay to show photos and videos of how it is hunted and dogs that are used that are far from being standard dogs of a breed,but they are functional dogs,here no matter the colo not the breed, if the dog does well his job is a hunting dog and is how true it matters !! this is the other hunting current that if you use pedigree dogs to hunt with hunting lines, I don't use that for its price, it's not profitable for me and for the hunters who live off the hunt, only functional dogs why they showed it in the field 

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22 minutes ago, Apache... said:

Vamos a demostrar que estoy equivocado, terryhero, muéstrame tus fotos de caza y retiraré lo que dije, cualquier hombre perro que se respete a sí mismo y que esté orgulloso de sus perros no pondría una foto como esa. Dije, la foto es una vergüenza.

I don't understand, the dog is not skinny, he's scared to be tied to the necklace with a piola that he doesn't usually, you tell me the cause of that shame? for me it's pride to have a hunting dog without any masks, but the reality of a hunting dog, but I think times and cultures are different, I don't. I will try to show beauty of the dog but the war scars, I will not try to show the hair freshly washed with soap but the mud that left a fight, I will show the reality of what it is to hunt with dogs of preza like the Terrier, I apologize if it is graphic violence or hurts the sensitivity of some 

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