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Show Us Your White Dog's

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1 hour ago, belucky said:

yes mate I  got him off joe 

Thank you for replying and sharing the photograph. Bullit was the sire of my terrier in this pic. I am not trying to pretend that I was part of the "scene" at the time, more a case of on the outside looking in, but there was some great Russell men around at that time.


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On 13/04/2019 at 16:44, belucky said:

A blast from the past,, just dug this old photo out , from the 80s I reckon ,, left to right JESS , MUCKLE , BULLIT


We’re was these dogs from? Is there any of the line still going?

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5 hours ago, Mark r said:

We’re was these dogs from? Is there any of the line still going?

bullit was bred by a fella called Malcolm cox from luton , out of his bitch tanner to ken goulds stormer , there may be stuff still around bred down from stormer but not bullit ,

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39 minutes ago, Rabbit Hunter said:

Nice strong Russell’s them DC, are they digging dogs mate?

we don't keep dogs for bushing😉2 on the outside are pups,bitch with black ears is litter sister to my pup,dug a few with her,just starting,young dog standing on mates leg has had over 20 digs since Xmas,same again before it.. he's around 20 months old,old bitch is on loan,she too hard for the hunt work....my pups not ready yet,so he go away till next season 👍

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4 minutes ago, Rabbit Hunter said:

I meant are they digging terriers or hunt type terriers mate, don’t see many (I haven’t seen any!) white digging terriers. Good to know they’re about👍

sorry dude😁old bitch on loan came from hunt terrierman she too hard for hunt work😉they all from old established lines😁👍

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