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I have the superslam DVD box set JD,incredible footage of the sheep hunts in Alberta at -40 and the polar bear with dogs,I will get your DVD when I am back in a few weeks,good luck with the next one.

Seems me and you have very similar interests..... :victory:

Gary Bogner's ones are pretty good too...

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It's priced so people don't have to copy it....I mean, it's £9... Basically absolutely no boring bits, it's 1 hour and 17 minutes of solid action from the very start. Loads of footage of animals bein

i bet some fecker copys it.....

Tom Miranda started out selling trapping videos JD,he now has a mansion,small plane,and hunts all over the globe,you never know,from small acorns do giant oaks grow..................

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It's priced so people don't have to copy it....I mean, it's £9


Unfortunately a sign of the modern times,doesn't matter what price you sell for,most folks will borrow it off some one or even buy it themselves and then copy it.


Then go to pound shop buy say,20 blank dvds copy the original and sell the copies for £2:00 each...people will buy because they are cheap...and with today's technology are great copies...so the guy who copies makes £40 for basically sat on his pc...then they get streamed etc etc


Good luck with it JD 👍

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Just sat and watched this exellant dvd with my young son and both enjoyed every minute, It's a must for any trapping enthusiast with detailed info on trapping vermin.... At a very reasonable price I would recommend this dvd for the Christmas list. Can't wait for the next dvd, come on Darcy get them cameras rolling......

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