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Organ Donation

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Please could you take the time to have a look at and if you agree with, sign, the petition. It was started by a lovely young mother who has gone through a very hard time. A double lung transplant has allowed her to continue to be a mother to her kids and her petition has ment alot to her.


Thank you

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I've been on the donor register since I was 18, and my wife is aware of, and supports, my wishes. When I'm gone, if they can find anything that's still any good, help yourself.


I've gone so far as donate my whole body, but a lot depends on cause of death etc, as to whether it will be accepted when the time comes.

I won't be needing it, so........

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I gave blood as soon as I was old enough, but now in France they wont accept mine (british) due to the BSE years ago?! I had a few pints given to keep me alive in 1979 as a kid.

Yeah it's because of BSE. America is the same.


Ironically they still have it.

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Anyone is welcome to any bits of me that might come In handy as soon as I've shuffled off this mortal coyle, registered when I changed my address on drivers license.... Objecting shouldn't be an option, you're dead for f**k sake.... You don't need your cornea or liver or whatever else may be needed!!!!

Keep meaning to find out if my blood is anygood but like a lot of people I never find the time but I'm gonna be changing that!

If I've got and don't need it , then you you can bloody have it!


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