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Oi. You lot.


Ive managed to gain a posh estate permission from a 'lady of the manor' yar. As in I have to call her 'Lady...' yar.


Anyway. Met the Rural Agent and the land manager last week, and they've asked me to get insurance... which is fine, but whats the best one to go for for my kinda shooting? Most of you know the kinda thing I do. Just the normal. Ill be just after the standard one so wondered what you lot thought first.


Nice one.



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Just gone for BASC, full membership. Should be ok I hope.

Good choice that man! There seems to be a trend for slating them on here for some reason but they are a powerful lobbying force, the cover is good and you can get a lot of good help and advice if you need it. It's also worth mentioning the discounts members can receive from a wide variety of retailers and services as part of deal :)

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