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  1. Ok, now I'm officially jealous. I've always fancied the idea of a bit of black powder shooting and all the better if its in the form of "euthanising" tree rats Good job on the bunny too, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and it continues to be as productive above all keep us posted
  2. As already mentioned, dry firing rifles isn't an issue. Semi auto shotguns can be half fired and then released, and the vast majority of modern shotguns can be dry fired anyway. So what's with ..... if you don't use them it leaves the firing pin springs under load? I know this is veering away from the op a little but I have always been told that although it's fine to dry fire a centre fire rifle you should never do the same with a rimfire (never quite understood it but got the impression it was something to do with the location of the firing pin and what it may or may not strik
  3. Anything I shoot gets jointed in the field and put in the freezer before the missus whinges at me. If I had to offer a tip up it would be that I always put my spoils in a zip lock bag with a smidgen of olive oil before it gets the taste of the deep freeze! I find it stops the meat "blackening" and keeps it oven ready so to speak
  4. Good choice that man! There seems to be a trend for slating them on here for some reason but they are a powerful lobbying force, the cover is good and you can get a lot of good help and advice if you need it. It's also worth mentioning the discounts members can receive from a wide variety of retailers and services as part of deal
  5. Not a bad bit of shooting and I think we all aspire to that standard of accuracy (and wouldn't take the shot if we didn't consider ourselves capable) especially considering that the inevitable alternative is horrifically wounding the quarry! The moral is (as you rightly pointed out) not to take the shot unless you are as certain as can be you have the experience, practice and certainty that you can achieve the level of accuracy you illustrate
  6. Burton Park? or Riseholme either way a nice part of the country Rez Those were the days! Wasted 4 years of my life there being told how to grow stuff I already grew and fix stuff I was already fixing, nice surroundings though I must admit
  7. My closest I walk out the front door and I'm there, the furthest I have to travel is a 20min ride in the truck It means I can be anywhere on the spur of the moment if the mood takes me. I've got about 900 acres to shoot over, which I know isn't much compared to some on here, but it's an area I can keep on top of with out over stretching my abilities (I hunt and shoot to wind down so I like not being under pressure trying to keep too many people happy)
  8. Congratulations on your first permission, as I'm sure you don't need reminding, keep up your end of the bargain (keep on top of rattus norvegicus, act responsibly etc) then hopefully this will be the first of a wide network of permissions normally I would also suggest offering the land owner (or more importantly his/her better half) a brace or two of your bag but on a rat perm maybe give that a miss Good luck with it and hopefully it is the start of a long and varied pastime
  9. I have the same bag and it's a very practical solution to my requirements. The only problem is the stitching very quickly started to come away around the zip causing it to fray which obviously makes repairs a little difficult I'd like to say it could be a one off but seeing as a mate has had a similar issue I'm not so sure, it's a fine bag otherwise and it's surprising what can be done via judicious use of superglue
  10. I've got one in .22lr and I can honestly say that I would recommend it to anyone. To me it's far superior to my savage hmr but I think it's a very personal thing. The cz fits me perfectly, I find it very pointable, it's just the right weight (for me anyway) and in addition to that its a cz so accuracy is a given
  11. I did try washing, sorting and weighing a few tins of AA fields a couple of years ago whilst biding time after a bout of major back surgery. I must admit I struggled to believe the amount of crud that came off the damn things (if they sold pellets by weight I would have said they were pulling a fast one ) the only problem is I never got the chance to test fire them by virtue of the fact I managed to drop the lot of them on to a brick floor when I was staggering back to my work bench!!!! Never realised how soft fields were until then, I reckon I visibly bent the skirts on at least 90% of them
  12. If you fill inside and mostly go straight out in to the cold you may even see the power drop in the summer (depending on just how toasty your new boiler keeps the house and how warm your cylinder gets when it's filled ) It's the difference in temperature that causes a difference in pressure. If you fill quickly without letting the cylinder cool then go straight outside in to the cold winter air there will be a greater difference in temp (and hence pressure), hot air tries to take up a greater volume than relatively cooler air so whilst it's warm will give more psi in your cylinder. If you lea
  13. 30 of your finest austrahhhliahn yards I do believe
  14. I think the more pertinent question here would be who has been irresponsible/daft enough to try that kind of shot (let alone admit it on an open forum !!! ). If moving targets are your thing get your sgc and broaden your horizons that way
  15. Untill I started reading this thread I was pretty certain as to what I could and couldn't shoot. I have a .22 & 17hmr both conditioned for AOLQ which I assumed included fox but now I'm doubting myself! Can I or can't I ?
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