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  1. All good pal, still pop on here now and again, good to see you got a good un atleast for the minute. If I'm ever back up your neck of the woods I'll give you a shout.
  2. Nice bit of timber on that Jimmy, how you doin pal, dont come on here much since give up with computers
  3. Bargain that even if it was just gun.
  4. Cheer lads I'll have a nosey but we had the camera set up wrong, now were getting a few images a day for about 30 quid a year in data. Emails only take about 30 seconds to come through.
  5. Any of you lads recommend best one that emails a pic? We have had a couple, one that took good pics but constantly sent blank pics all day, we got a new one supposed to be the dogs (little acorn or summat) but picture seems to be shite.
  6. Alright fellas not been on here for a while still bob on from time to time. Lost my green screen filter for my NV screen it dropped in the shit when was out shooting, but a lad on here sent it us tried looking online but it just brings up window tinting film. Whats it called?
  7. Eddie that's the one I recall seeing thought it was on here but maybe not. need get shut of them quick but we got other wildlife we can't harm so iv been shooting them just thought if i could get a live trap be ideal.
  8. Popped up on my Facebook today this dy, how they managed to drag it on for years, keep at them
  9. anyone used the wireless ones that send a pic to your phone?
  10. Found a young dead sparrow hawk (I think) hit a window would any of the feathers be any use to you lads?
  11. sounds ace tc i could do with a bit of that.... it was -5 on the way to work yesterday!! Yea it'll be cracking for me as when waters froze I can go bash rats without freezing me nuts off or getting piss wet. Think we got 7 in a couple of hours was sat by fire most of time and bloke was well happy.
  12. Iv not been shooting for ages due to fishing and busy sorting other shit but got another rat perm the other night. Bold as brass atm got 3 rapid fire its only tiny but seems a cracking little perm even has a log burner so quick peek through the door pop whatevers there then have a warm and brew and repeat. Hopefully be back smashing some more this week as waters froze fishings a no go.
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