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Birds "please Add Yours"

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1 hour ago, si brown said:

found this little fella hiding in a hole in a wall, think it had fallen out of the big tree behind me.

when I fished him out he was going nuts so I re homed him in a hedge... id of normal taken him home and fed it back up but I was on the way to the pub!

hopefully hes ok and not been snaffled by a cat. FQfwkQRCSFiX31yIYJ61Ow.thumb.jpg.170cf22a3404776a7b8d70f40deb76e8.jpg



not in the same class as the photos you boys take but its a first for me👍

Well done for the rescue and photos

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Some great photos already.   These are some of my favorites I have taken                 Grey Wagtail   Kestrel

Had a bit of luck today. SD.

Some Kingy's

Posted Images

We feed the black birds sultanas and over the years been getting more and more, there on the window sill or above the larder roof looking in, like this one taken through the glass. Wanting to be fed.P1200070.thumb.JPG.06d8d4bebe23030c4322c60f62b45b8e.JPG

They have got tamer and tamer, the front door was open and i'm sat here on the lap top this one walked into my living room, when i said hello it few into the bay window. Must have eaten all the sultanas i put out and thought it would just come in and find them itself.


Cheers Arry

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