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My father mid 70s run two on a onion field in Prickwillow Fen just thought I'd share an old pic with ya

This is mate that I used to go coursing with grandfather and he's brother sammy cracking old pic I think

a old pic i have of me dad think it must be late 70s a call him a lazy twat now because he doesn't hardly get out "iv killed more game in a season or 2 than you will in your life is his reply lol

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1988, first house and a new lurcher pup to go in it. Kennels would soon attach to that shed.


Same pup, on the left (my right), on Altcar. Not exactly dressed for the occasion but my mate picked me up, with the dogs, from work (Lifeguard!) to go for a run.

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Crackin' pics lads keep them coming. :thumbs:


Phil, can remember them rectangular shaped lamps, was the first lamp I had, bought it out of Halfords.


We used these too, made them up for a lot of lads when I was a fitter for the local bus company, Lucas square eights..we use to smash the glass out and it made the beam even better, they had a black metal cover over the bulb which used to get bloody hot..


an oldish show pic..a mottly crew..



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Omanyra would that pic be early 90's?


The lad wae the merle used to be at Gretna dog track quite a bit in the 90's, think he [Denned] is still on this site.



For whatever reason I can't use the quote function. ;)

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