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  1. Something will replace it I’m sure ,I have the option of borrowing a gun but nothing like using your own
  2. 100% Spain is huge in beurocracy they love it my wife is Spanish and I’m a divorced Protestant so we legally got married in Uk but big ceremony in Spain far to many hoops to jump through
  3. I did wonder what the outcome would be after Brexit ,all I can say is mine expires along with my SGC and that’s way pass our apparent departure from the EU cost me nothing other then a couple of phone calls one was straight forward and the other a complete €¥#! Talking at me with his great importance completely unnecessary
  4. I live in barn conversion and although I have brick work walls downstairs the bedroom upstairs are timber stud and just plasterboard over if you find the studs cut out the plasterboard fit additional stud in line with bolt holes for gun vault using existing stud for the other holes , I then used 100mm timber locks (caution on size of stud on this ) use over sized washers to really clamp the vault to wall , a good impact driver drill and it’s as good as to masonry if not better imo ,I wouldn’t fix to the floor unless you know exactly where your pipes run
  5. Thanks Phil would very much appreciate the input if you could ask as the more information I get on this the better as it’s 1st time I’ve taken firearms to Spain not till Christmas We go all being well with the virus situation,
  6. Thanks mate I think I will contact the ferry company just to clarify and that way I know what to expect from them ,where the gun goes on ferry or if it simply stays in the vehicle as once on board the car decks are completely unaccesable
  7. Hi everyone just looking for some additional information on the subject headed ,i recently applied and received my European firearms pass with my chosen shotgun printed on , now the question is as I’m transporting the gun in my car to the ferry then on to and through Spain do I have to do anything else other then declare it at customs at ferry ports ? The reason for asking is because I was meet by what I’d consider an unhelpful person at FAC licensing dept on phone just to point out my FAO is spot on just impossible to get hold of
  8. Always love a bit of ratting
  9. American bad pic sorry lads I try tomorrow
  10. Gaz she looks well mate how's she been doing
  11. And this is what the antis and the f**k ups just can't get there heads around or into !
  12. Didn't realise you knew the fella who's got him. Courseadog? Speak to him regular and he seems really happy with him so far. Can't wait till next season with him
  13. Same litter as my bitch I think pal Any pics hubbs ?
  14. Gaz she's doing here thing well mate And cheers
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