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  1. tote

    The things you do for your kids

    Certainly wouldn't do any harm to learn about money and work at school. Personally I think kids learn a lot from their parents, is it not our responsibility to tech our kids that to spend money you have to earn it first? Maybe I've been lucky with my three sons as they don't hold their hands out and ask for this, that and the next thing. I see too many kids on the take yet ask them to do the dishes and you've no chance. And don't get me started on the number of kids I see that have zero respect for their parents, boils my piss.
  2. tote

    Yanny or Laurel?

    I hear Laurel, the wife was in the room, couldn't see the screen and I never told her what the words were, just asked what she could hear and she said Yanny.
  3. tote

    RIP Tilly

    Ah, shit, hope your luck changes for the better, Ken.
  4. A mate had one years ago [gas ram Lightning in .177] and couldn't get it to zero, he asked me to have a go at zeroing it and I couldn't manage it either, it was far too harsh, it was bouncing all over the place, needless to say he soon got rid. Now that was the only one I've tried, maybe others are fine and there was a problem with that one.
  5. tote

    Pups & Ferrets/cats?

    If your ferrets are broke to dogs there shouldn't be a problem, if they aren't it might get a tad emotional, lol.
  6. Was wondering why he put looks on the vote, last I heard it was dark when it was time for lamping, ffs.
  7. tote

    First Cross Collie Greyhound ???

    I went out one night with a lad and his collie/grey x bull/grey, lamp on and rabbits spotted so he slipped the dog, up the beam it stalked, stopped after 10 yards so he encouraged it on, it crept forward a bit more then stopped, obviously that rabbit wasn't the right flavour for him, lol. It did run some rabbits that night but others it wouldn't. Now, does that mean that every collie/grey x bull/grey pick their runs?
  8. tote

    Wellie Wisdom Wanted

    Had a pair of Grubs Riverline and yes they were good and comfy for 8 months, that's when they started leaking through the sole. Thankfully the supplier could see there was a fault and reimbursed me.
  9. tote

    Stoper Pads Vet Wrap

    Electrical tape will hold the vetwrap in place.
  10. tote

    Lampers Smashing The Rabbits

    I'd be up for that Micky, I have the one concern though, not sure my dog's hard enough to smash a rabbit.
  11. tote

    Balding Back Legs ?

    Stockholm tar ? The stuff you're after is called Cornucrescine, it's a hoof ointment, I've used it in the past for the same thing.
  12. tote

    Swollen Wrist

    I wouldn't give it ibuprofen as has already been said it can be toxic to dogs, plenty info on it if you do a google search. Stand it in a bucket of cold water for ten minutes at regular intervals through the day until the swelling goes down. With it being a wrist injury there's so many things that could be causing the swelling, very hard if not impossible to diagnose without seeing the dog. Hope everything turns out okay for him, atb.
  13. tote

    Posting Pictures

    Let me get this right, two lads went out and got 10 rabbits ferreting, they then lamped later on and got another 44 with their lurchers and shot a hare. So the pic shows 54 rabbits that were either ferreted or dogged and one hare which was shot and you say it should be in the shooting section, what fecking planet are you on, ffs.
  14. tote

    Lamping Competion

    Best out of 5 rabbits? Would it not be better to have a time limit, say 2hrs, 3hrs etc. Alternate runs and whoever has the most at time up is the winner?
  15. tote

    D Lloyd Lamps

    I'm not sure what MIK is gonna show me up his way that I haven't seen lamping elsewhere in the country to be honest but I've said I will go and have the crack so I will. I've had my LED lamps out with you (King), Trigger 2, Hubbs, RubyJet, complete different parts of the country and never had an issue. Never felt like my lamp was inferior and wished I had a halogen. But like I say, we will soon see. If it's just a case that the land is so big where he lamps then I will come on here and say that these lamps are no good on that sort of land and with 5 mile slips. But we know that anyway and I doubt I will stray from the LEDs. They suit the land I run, quarry I run, and do what they say on the tin. I have been nothing but polite and courteous to you Gaz inviting you up here and into my home ....so don't try and be a smart c@nt with your 5 mile slip comment you have been in the game 5. Minutes .....but regarding if these LEDs cut it we will soon see ....your words not mine Name calling lol you calling gaz a c**t be cos of that chill mik .the £300 you payed tracer for you rifle lamp as gone mate get over it and have a good season Do you and Gaz come as a package? Every time someone mentions Gaz you're onto it like a bad fecking rash and vice versa. You are grown men ffs, stop blowing smoke up each others arses. Yeh package deal and we both got rucksacks like them northernlite posted Aye it seems that way Gaz, suppose when you get free stuff you feel you need to keep licking his nut sack. It's ok you don't sound too bitter Does it leave a bitter taste in your mouth Gaz [the nut sack]?