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Still Think There Was A Clear Choice Between Cameron & Milliband ??

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I know quite a few 'benefit' and/or 'poor' families...and you know what, they all smoke like chimneys, all love their scratch cards, and all drink every night. AND they all have iPhones....so, is it t

You better hope your kids find work after they finish school or you be paying to keep them Aswell lol   Well until thier 21.   That's a shocking policy IMO. Can see a lot of kids homeless. Not

Labour or Tory different sides of the same f***ing coin, neither give a toss for the average Brit on the street

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That's what I can't stomach.

The fact they really don't care about anyone north of Birmingham.


If I was a chancellor or PM I would be f***ing embarrassed that the rise of food banks.


I really can't get my head round the fact they don't anything about that.

I find it embarresing that the UK has kids going hungry and I'm not even in government nor do I have kids,but I find it trully disgusting.


Oh and it's people with jobs having to use them Aswell,what the f**k does that say about this country.


f**k we didn't have shit like that in the 80s and a lot more people struggled then.

What has that got to do with the budget?


Come back when you have some useful analysis and not just the usual hollow socialist rhetoric.



Lets keep going down the ultra conservative route.........lets face it, the worlds never been a better place :blink:

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Im £80 a year better off. Back of the net!

Dont spend that extra £1.54 a week all at once! :laugh:
I can remember when you could have a night out, a packet of fags,a fish supper on the way home, two new suits, a pair of boots and a stone of monkey nuts......and still have change out of £1.54 !

Those were t'days eh lad? :laugh:

We used to dream of having £1.54........

(That's more than I used to get for a 7 day paper round !)

I used to do a six day evening paper round for 12/6 a week and 2/6 of that went on the shooting times every week. Those were the days a pint of Whitbred trophy was 1/1P and a pint of CPU in the rugby club was 11p. 3 pints of either and I was home in bed. :laugh:



My first pint was 36p, fags about 65p for 20 and I bought petrol for my Yam Fizzer at 72p per GALLON........me an my sister used to have a night at the pub, packet of fags and chips on the way home........and have change from a fiver each !


Fags, 10 p for ten number six, beer 12.5p per pint, petrol 33p per gallon.


Happy days. Cheers, D.

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75p for 20regal when I started smoking.


Can also remember petrol pumps that took 50p pieces lol


Jesus you'd be stood there a long time these days feeding it enough 50ps to pay for a tank :laugh:


I bought a 20 deck of tabs for the first time in years the other day, felt robbed when your man behind the counter handed me some shrapnel back from my £10 note :huh:

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