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young man

Good Dig Today

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post-69509-0-33946500-1421511705_thumb.jpegpost-69509-0-85852400-1421511740_thumb.jpg got a phone call from my friend this morning to tell me that the farmer had rang him to tell him he seen a fox heading twords a earth with a with what looked like a half of rabbit. So we got the tools n terrier and headed of over to the permission we thought the farmer was talking about a realy handy earth but it wasnt to be lol we tried it with no joy. He pulled up n said it was the earth across the wood where he spotted the fox we laughed as its a deep earth it can go to 15ft so we headed across dropped the bitch in. the hole has 4 eyes and has a very big range on it. As its so big you can't hear a terrier sound so after a bit of scanning we marked the bitch at 7ft so we sighed with relief give it 10 mins and started opening. the ground was fairly tight but we got down in to a lovely big dog fox. The farmer had a grin ear to ear and wasnt afraid to get his hands dirty lol
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Is that place along the Crumlin river by any chance young man, runs into Lough Neagh not to far on down?

dont think so that holes a bit sander where ive dug it any way

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