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  1. lovely job, great for the kids
  2. seams odd, ive 2 kits there myself a hob and jill, the hob makes a few different noises and he can be a bit rough with her as hes a bit bigger than her, there litter mates, he scruffs her aswell but not enough to make her squeel.
  3. wasnt been funny with you just trying to work out with you what might be going on for you ferrets, thats why I was asking, if the jill isnt swollen and shes that young hes just playing with her id say,sure they wont produce any kits if thats what your worried about.
  4. are the jills swollen,are they in season
  5. hes not in breeding condition then, hobs drop there testicals when in breeding condition and testicals dissapear whenthere not
  6. is it just a flight your thinking of, if so its handy enough to look after, you could have a few canaries and finch in it and have a mixed flight. 1 cock canary and say 2 or 3 hens, a couple of finch like goldies,siskins linnetes, Depending on the size your building and how many birds once or twice a week to clean out, fresh water and seed so handy enough. Mixed flight looks good, have a part of the flight blocked with perspex to stop the wind blowing directly at the birds when there on the perch roosting for the night, the cold wont kill them but a breeze blowing at them all night they will g
  7. Raymond

    Future Bushers

    crackers best of luck with them
  8. what if you can call your dog off if needed ? whilst out bushing , If you can call your dog off its quarry then it's not a digging dog ..... lol I dug to him enough times to know hes a digging dog , I bushed with him enough times to know he was a top bushing dog , I shot pheasant geese duck all retrieved off water as well to know he could retrieve , I called him out when needed for my reasons but never while out bushing , if you can call a dog out if needed that's a smart all round terrier one you probably will never set eyes on , oh I forgot pidgeon lolfair play mate, that is a proper all
  9. mine wouldnt stop growing, I weighed her one time for a worm dose and she was just 40lb and she wasnt fat or over weight. very hard to keep weight on her, ive tried everything, she just hyper. wont sit still in the pen. have her out all day, get her home and she still wont sit easy in the pen. Shes a bottomless pit, I dopnt know where she puts the food. Great bitch ferreting and not bad bushing, very good at marking and very soft mouted. I got her out pretty young ferreting as there was alot of stop and starting so she wasnt getting the legs ran off her too young. Good cross they are
  10. i have the same cross and im happy with her
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