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  1. Hi all looking for a half decent working lurcher av been out of action last year with breaking both my ankles and shins and had to part with my wee bitch now am walking spot am needing to get a half decent lurcher preferably if he or she has done work with terriers [BANNED TEXT] money for [BANNED TEXT] dog thanks
  2. hows things bro wat you been up to send me yet number
  3. hows things bro wat you been up to send me yet number
  4. Not been on hear in a long time and a was just wondering if thares any lads in or around the Perth way that's into working terriers av got my 2 terriers at my mums and could realy do with getting them out if thares any lads keen to get out and would let me come along they would be more than welcome to have the use of my terriers lads that no me on hear that no me will be able to say a no the job 100% if anyone is keen could you's pm me plz if this is in the wrong section sorry lads
  5. Digging down to find the terrier was stone dead not a good day that was a few year back
  6. Not had a look at this thread for along time its got a lot of diffrent views
  7. That dog is in tip top condition mate
  8. I prefer them outside in the kennel but one of my best terriers was in the house I have a lurcher and a terrier in the house and its a pain in the arse
  9. i was just out with my bullx my terrier and my 2 terrier pups just 2 fields from my house and my bullx took off after something so my terrier bitch was gone aswell and the fields are long so the pups could not keep up and startd heading back down the way we came as i got back to the top of the bank a fox was heading right towards my pups when it saw me it about turnd and took off and straight along a fence line am pritty sure it was heading towards the pups has anyone came across this before
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