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  1. If Jonny head the ball had a pair of balls ,we wouldn't be still talking about this .
  2. Oh. Ok then pope mackers Scaredy baa ?
  3. "Why did they not ask him originally instead of me for a service, me a nobody just do my own thing and I enjoy it." What's that I see ... Is it puffs of smoke ,are ye the new pope ,all hail pope mackers the 1st :D , btw the big lad is now lurking on here so watch your eye ;D lol
  4. saucydotters


    Wee Fannie the c**t
  5. your fleg is on the top the saucydotters fleg what the f##k are ya mouthing about bitter balls and what the f#cks my FLEG ?
  6. What the f**k has Catholics got to do with it ya bitter c**t ? hope you've got her permit for your boney in order
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