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John Parks Terriers

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just afew old pics of JP'S LINE, taken early 60's to 70's and one of a black un ? sorry for the poor quality but i had to take a pic of a pic ?

Mr harcombe used the parks bred dog he had to produce the big ron dog then slated the parks dog but if you read on big ron in turn produced more workers for him and others on down the line without any

One of the few well know terrier men who keeps himself to himself and cares more for his dogs than fame money or rosettes he breeds for work some work some dont same as all the rest and i dont own a p

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Have too agree with you bosun old parky is the salt of the earth he's one of the most decent genuine men in terriers and what crack he is too have a day in the field with

have to be honest boys mines showing no interest at all dead ones or when I open up to the one im digging to try him again few weeks time just don't think he cut out for work
how old is it mate
my bad mate the dog now 19 months finally went the weekend shocked me to be honest to go from no intrest at all and I mean nothing to [BANNED TEXT] he went like and luved it just hope the penny has dropped needs 2 to 3 weeks off then see wots [BANNED TEXT] fingers crossed
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Theres five of parkes dogs on the cover of plummers book,eb8e36c622a0223f7d0e9110.L.jpg



ive either forgotten or dont know the red dogs names,but the black dog is called Boozer,i had a bitch off this dog that was 100%.


Had a daughter of Boozers myself. Had a hell of a lot of stuff with her in the 15 years she lived.
Any pictures of the dog ?. Don't see many pictures of the old proper Parkes stuff. If not what was its style of work like?
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