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Lakeland Fells With A Few Of The Gang....

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Last few lol...









and bollox to the dogs lol this is my favourite wee girl :-)


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Never got out on the Fells yesterday for one reason or another but we got ourselves up there today...it was hat,glove and big jacket weather up the tops but I was sweating like a pig on the way up it's just when I got up and into the wide open did it turn Baltic...just had the pups and the Pom today...had several hours trekking about,dogs are flat out so all is good lol...


Mount Criffel over in Scotland in the distance here..












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They get over in their own way lol...in a fashion anyway!













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Last ones for today folks...hopefully be out & about again tomorrow somewhere pretty local...cheers for taking the time to have a gander at the pics...Atb Andy



















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From them last picture's i just know them pup's are going to be well ready for the job ahead of them.. :yes:

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They are coming on well matey.... Growing like the grass by the looks of things Boots looks like he's a bit more forward just now?



Iv always like Fife but Boots is starting too catch the eye with age he's AWAYS had that look in his eyes scare even .. It shall be a long summer with the pups


Ps matey your little girls a little gem

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Thanks everyone...aye they are coming on great Dodger,they are nearly as tall as Don my cur x just now and ain't 5 month old lol,they eat some grub for young dogs but they are probably getting between 30 and 50 mile per week walking and they run and fight all the time so lord knows how far they go haha..very happy with them,brilliant travellers,one word and they come straight to heel,sit on command..jumping is great some days yet can be sticky the next but they are just babies but they are grand in the main...the black and tan pup is the one I'm putting forward as going to be the better of the two at this stage..I know they are pups but I just see something in this dog..the cream dog is going to be IMO more of an up and at them type the black dog takes slightly longer to get into top gear but when he does he just breezes upto the cream dog,if he takes off first and gets a wee start the cream dog won't catch him if they run for seconds or even a couple of minutes,he just dictates things in front lol...I like them both very much but I'll nail my colours to the mast at this early stage and say it'll be the Boots dog lol...

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Myself,my lass Jill and our wee un Millie were out this morning but obviously with the bairn in the buggy we had to walk where it was suitable...we still managed just shy of 6 miles along some forestry tracks just near Keswick..talk about cold!! Bloody hell it was serious,the roads leading upto where we parked we're like an ice rink,streams etc up through the forests were frozen yet a mile or so back towards home absolutely nothing lol...just shows you that when you get into the Fells and higher ground it's a totally different world...anyways it took a wee while longer to walk this route as Millie wanted to be out and walking half the time haha...still apart from freezing my nuts off it was an enjoyable 2 1/2 to 3 hours out in the countryside...


Give me a kiss lol..



Best buggy pusher in the North :-)







Give es my stick you laal bugger!!!!


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