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  1. After reading all 13 pages, my fav saying is "What a load of bollocks" lol
  2. He's a fine looking dog, is the whippet in his breeding pedigree or non-ped ?
  3. What times Milly doing the 150 in Geoff? Hi mate, the lurcher racing was over 175 yrds, I don't think any body was timing then.
  4. A non ped as greyhound in its breeding, a pedigree whippet does not, hope that helps
  5. Pennys Dropped race from a different angle in the red off the back https://www.(!64.56:886/100010073352319/videos/492297494449358/
  6. Jake, Dave's flying machine winning the Derby, Milly trailing behind last, she'd done here monky muscle in here shoulder. Well done Dave. https://www.(!64.56:886/sharon.redshawfletcher/videos/10212287483875841/
  7. https://www.(!64.56:886/sharon.redshawfletcher/videos/10212286042159799/ Our Milly winning her heat with Dave's dog coming second before Milly went lame sadly.
  8. Its a cracker Davie,hes rapid... Robert Patterson said " David Murry came over all emotional after his dog came over the line first & started throwing himself on the floor & couldn't stop crying & shouting out I've done it, I've done it" lol
  9. I can put one on of our old Milly kicking is dogs arse the the first heat pmsl
  10. Hi there, could I use this pic to show the non-peds lads & lass pleaseOf course mate, thought it might be of interest to you Cheers pal, they still have a non-ped open in memory of Jack Cadman
  11. Hi there, could I use this pic to show the non-peds lads & lass please
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