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  1. Gratz


    +1 for Meindl. Damaged an ankle in a car crash years ago and these are really supportive
  2. Gratz

    Rifle Range Near Stoke

    Think you mean Carlton Moor Range. I've been a couple of times and it works well. Website is http://www.caltonmoorrange.com/
  3. Gratz

    Mirror Poll

  4. Gratz

    Best Semi-Auto .22?

    Buy a Ruger 10/22 and then just do what the rest of us do and add bits on whenever you get a bit of time or spare cash
  5. Gratz

    One Of My Last Days

    Great write up
  6. 50 metres for me to. Seems to work
  7. Gratz

    Broadband Speed Test (Free)

    Infinity in Manchester
  8. Gratz

    Boxing Fans

    Thanks for sharing. Watched the fights at the time, but all the background in the documentary is brilliant
  9. Gratz

    Ahh Scotland

  10. Gratz

    Re Applying

    Fingers crossed mate. Reading this it sounds like you've done all the right things for all the right reasons. Very best of luck!
  11. Gratz

    Breaking Bad

    BB is the best thing I've ever seen - never thought anything would top the Sopranos. The Wire was ok but not great I thought (maybe it's just me). Loved Dexter until the last series
  12. Gratz

    Favourite Christmas Film?

    Great Escape - one day he'll make the jump on the barbwire fence on that bike
  13. Gratz

    Any Bourgh Boys On

    My home town - moved away in my early 20s though
  14. Gratz

    Fantasy/science Fiction Books.

    Try Bernard Cornwell - The Warrior Chronicles if you like historical fantasy. Starts with The Last Kingdom and he's just released book 7 The Pagan Lord. Really enjoying them