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New member's who have registered on the forum will have a limited account until they reach 5 approved posts which will be monitored and approved manually by myself and the forum moderator's.


Once 5 quality post's have been approved, the member's will be automatically upgraded to a normal member account.


This has been put in place to prevent spammer's, and problem member's abusing the forum and the member's.


What will be checked.

  • You can actually write English, if you write in txt talk, mobile phone speak, I'll remove your posts.
  • You don't start posting nice dog mate or nice gun mate on every post, to increase your post count, these will be removed. As they will not count, post something about hunting or helpful advice, etc.
  • Just be a normal member, post hunting subjects.
  • If your posts are not approved, they will have been removed when we have eventually checked them.
  • If the above points are not taken into account by a new member, and they post rubbish and txt talk the account will be banned.

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Aye yer right,, Just think, Whin would never have made it to 7000 posts if yeh`s had this in place years ago !! :whistling::laugh:



Go on then ,,smite away ! yah big bullied husband !!! Married tae a Scot so taking it oot on the folk on here eh ?

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