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  1. I've edited your post mate. Please don't put phone numbers up. He will end up with all manner of wierdos and kranks calling. Thanks Any chance of number in pm please lads
  2. Anyone got a contact number for nelson a friend is looking to place an order
  3. ttv the oul phone plays up sometimes
  4. That was me who posted that, its also posted on here somewhere. Glad you liked it Fly! R.I.P. Jim !!!
  5. Hydrex is 4% chlorhexidine gluconate and so is Hibiscrub. They both also contain emollients, although I think they are different ones. I dilute either to about 1 in 8 with water before use on an animal. The hydrex i have is 2.5% and the hibiscrub is 4% so maybe theres different versions of it Has anyone tried Videne 7.5% surgical scrub if so how did you get on?
  6. Nice pups danny best of luck with them
  7. Hydrex is a weaker version of hibiscrub
  8. Are you goin to keep the blue pup back? i dont know patterdale 666-i never had a litter that i found it as hard to pick a pup from-im getting a pup in off a friend as well by the same dog out of a tom parr bred bitch with 8 seasons behind her -so i dont know what to keep-theres a red nosed red dog in the litter as well that i like a lot and theres a bitch thats the spit of her dam-cant keep them all lolBe nice to see how they all turn out hardest part is picking one
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