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i wonted to do mother to son but he was unabel at the time so i put the son to his full sister 7 years later now i have dog and bitch from the mateing no probs with them at all i jest got in from lamping the bitch she had 20 rabbits her first night of the season.her broth was out with me last night and had 19rabbits so if you wont to do brother sister go for it

David :victory:

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not done it personally but no someone who has

its ok to do it just dont do brother and sister



why cant you do brother and sister, when you can do mother and son??...............(serious question)

because the genes are exactly the same...more chance of genetic mistakes... mother to son half the genes are different as the son carries the fathers genes!!!

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Personally i would not do mother to son.

Father to daughter has been done by a friend of mine and wored out OK. (Don't know why it only seems to work this way :hmm: )

I had an unfortunate lining in my kennel of brother to sister (terriere) and it turnrd out disasterous. Pups mal-formed, one born almost 'in-side-out', etc

you get 'inherant genieic vigour', which is traits are passed down from generation to generation, but if you get too close it only seems to be faults that are passed down.

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The closest i would go is Father over daughter, but that would personally be pushing buttons for me.i prefer the such likes of breeding cousins, or half siblings has worked well in the past for me.But if you do linebreed, then i would suggest not to linebreed close again from the result of the first mating, the only way to go for linebreeding is to eventually outcross imo.atb sniper :good:

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to me in-breeding is mother to son, father to daughter and brother to sister, too close in my opinion, i would go for uncle to niece, aunty to nephew, cousin to cousin and grandsire to grandaughter, still breeding close but far more less chance of the bad genes being exagerated.


thats the key with in-breeding. everything is exaggerated, you could get some amazing pups where all the good genes and qualities have come into the breeding, but you could get deformities on the other hand, not worth risking if very close in my opinion.


I would go with what i have mentioned above, I am all for line-breeding, its the key to having a good probable outcome, just wouldn't go immediate family.

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What about half brother to half sister. So they had the same sire but different Dams. Also would it make a difference if each dog had 3 types of dogs in there make up. For example colly bull greyhound to a colly bull greyhound would a cross like this be better than say straight greyhound to greyhound even if they were also half siblings???

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