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    My intrerest are shooting and gym. I have two HW100's in 177 wich i use for pest control. I live in the lake district in the county of cumbria south of the national park.
  1. Sorry guys £650 with harris 9/13 tilting bipod and hawke nite eye 4-9x50 ir scope. 07794588472 if your interested. This rifle is on the gunstar forum and youl see pictures there.
  2. Ha cheers Martin didnt know you where on the hunting life lol. Hope your keeping well, maybe see you down the club somtime.ATB Martin.
  3. Im selling one of my Hw .177 kt rifles with hawke nite eye 4-9x50 ir scope harris bipod 9-13" tilting. Excellent con bought only 2 month ago. £650 or i can seperate £550 for rifle on its own. Cumbria area....SOLD!!
  4. Yeah iv still got it but just recently moved house and i couldnt find the amber filter.

    Where bout you from ? The lamp and battery are still boxed iv only used it 3 times but i dont have a dog anymore, il have to find out how musch p&p will cost.

  5. You'v forfilled your destiny. Welcome to the dark side of the force!!
  6. Iv just sold my s410 .22 and bought ANOTHER hw100 but my AA liked AA field's but struggled with the accupell. Nice little gun by the way, i wish id bought mine in .177 rather than .22. Hope you enjoy your time with it. ATB migmog.
  7. Ive got your Twink mark 2 silencer Hi simon sorry, to hijack your thread but this silencer sound pritty niffty to say the least! Im not sure the HW100 silencer is that good as i seem to get alot of bunnys being starteld by the sound from my HW100 KT although im not sure if it's the sound from the pellet hitting the rabbit's skull that tend's to srartel the rest, although i have taken out 3 bunnys sat in a line not 3 feet apart from each other before today. I usually shoot at around 50 53 yards but will go to 35 if it really windy so its a fair old distance away for the sound from my silencer
  8. hi is this still available and are you open to sensible offers ,regards chris .. Sorry mate it's been sold, thank's for the interest
  9. Welcome to the darkside mate!! I got me 2 of these bad arse rifle's in .177 KT and i love them. A friend of mine has a custom version with shortend shrouded barrel and vmach cylinder, nice but not as nice as the factory spec for me Good luck!!
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