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  1. I'd take an out and out ferreting cur that has brains and an opportunist outlook. I mainly ferret and certainly don't want any coursing machine. Pure rabbiting dog suits me. Doesn't mean what I like is and better or worse than any other dog. It is like saying who is the best: Bolt, Farrah, Ali, Messi, Ennis, Pendleton or wilkinson. All awesome at what they do.
  2. Dad and daughter's first trip out
  3. After the initial cross it means very little because the actual allocation of genes is random. In the 1/4 bull grey he may get all grey dna and no bull.
  4. All the best with the litter Phil, nice to see a few more purpose built rabbiting curs out there.
  5. A lot of the guys that keep collie lines just dont post much about them because they get bored of grief. Get on colliecurs.co.uk and use same user name as here. Ther are some working lines on there and some very good topics on the subject. The dogs are out there and they are working and doing what is required of them.
  6. Patience, the dog is still only 12 months old. As has been said walk him out to rabbits and slip him on them only when he has seen them. Dont worry the penny will drop. Some dogs just take longer than others. Just be patient, he has many seasons bunny bashing ahead. This will be his first and so dont have great expectations. Dont worry about all that you read on here - it might not all be utterly true lol. Good luck and enjoy them gusty nights.
  7. Good advice, the dog is going to be with your for hopefully a decade or more. How good the dog will be is going deopend largely on how much time you spend training and entering it over first two years. As to the breed it can make a difference but given you want something about 21" mark that cuts a lot of options out. Good luck and all the best with your pup
  8. Really interesting post. Thank you for putting that up Hannah. Africa's just a little bit addictive eh?
  9. It is only my opinion and it is just what I like to work. Something linebred with oodles of collie, concentrate all day long and have the knack of being in right place for a bolt.
  10. PHOTOBUCKET Set up an account, similar to registering on here. Then upload photos to photobucket from your pc. when your pic is on photobucket and you select it, you will see a load of links alongside it. just copy bottom option and paste that into a post on here and bingo. you have a picture. Hope helps
  11. We all have differing tastes, but we all like hunting dogs and if they are doing the game well then does it matter?
  12. Go for something you like the look of, at the end of the day that dog is going to be with you for until you are nearly 30! No point having somthing you dont like. If its is your first dog then try and get a bitch, dogs need a little be more work as they can be more dominant than a bitch. (appreciate this is a sweeping statement but more often than not holds true). Also, if it is your first dog avoid anything with too much collie or too much Bedlington terrier in it they can be hard work and if it is your first dog then you dont need that. If you can get something that will level out a
  13. Glad to see that you are thinking about what sort of cross will suit you. Instead of just getting the first puppy that comes along and then realsing all lurchers are not the same. The best thing you can do is pick a dog that you like. This may sound stupid but I'm constantly surprised by the numbers of people that get the dog they think they need. The dog will probably be with you for the next dozen years, that is a ling time to have a dog that you dont really like. Try and pick a puppy that is going to suit your personality. For example I dont like overly sycophantic dogs and overly pushy
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