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  1. hi mate some nice dogs on your thrad ive a pup out ov glen very strong boy im in the rhondda wer are you ?

  2. whts yuor mobile number coz i can tx or ring you then, we can go out something and give me some tips if you can :)

  3. heey butt, i am the one that had the dog pup off you. its called taff :)

  4. i never sed bitch you told me red dog pup and the sirer to your litter bullx chock dog this as to be you taffy dont be a ass mate
  5. lol no one done the dirty on any one hes been telling lots of porkys and has sliped up meny a time but i think its all coming out now as he as bred of flow and lads should now what thay are geting.if it was your dog mate what dog you got as he sed it was the chock bull gre witch i thort some one ells owns on here im not geting in to this mess to deep but mb done nout rong this time lol if i was you subaru id let it fizel out now as there are lots on here that now the score atb david
  6. mother is 3/16 collie 4/16 bull 9/16 greyhound x kc whippet brindel dog and black bitch are thayer half brother and sisters
  7. for what you wont you can not go rong with a whippet good hunting up and fast early pace if bred from good working parents would not go for a raceing bred one as the are a bit fine for ruffer ground. but in saying that any good worker to worker whippetx /small lurcher would do this and the main thing would be a beter coat and tuffer skin iv worked whippets and small and medeam lurchers and the coat and skin is the only down fall but if thay are not going over fences all the time and working in the biter cold thay would be spot on for you hope that helps few pics blue bitch and black dog
  8. Twenty-seven with Jess & Caled. Fifty with Molly & Fen. Sixty-two rabbits with Fen and Caled. Ninety-six rabbits, 32 were taken and then the batteries ran out! The following night, with fresh batteries, we took the 62. Put them all in the pic together as the day before we forgot to take a pic of the 32. So, the 96 were with the same two dogs, two nights running. blue bitch and black dog are both half whippet
  9. it may be from the shropshire area . any one????????
  10. lol dont worry about the speling me and you must of had the same teecher its bloody hard finding good homes but if you had a good mate that needs a dog as he only got a pup or some thing may be lown it to him for a bit for a few months if you still cant get out then and hes happy with the dog and you with the home let him keep it
  11. can any one on here tell me any thing about this dog is he a racer or worker pics would be good thanks david :thumbs:
  12. it sounds like it give it benerlin in a sringe down its throt moning and night 3 to 7 day if its that it will be gone but keep a eye on it if no inprovment to the vet hope its sorted quick mate atb david
  13. lol yes i had to shoot them in the shed as im a crap shot its ok he wont fined me up here.when you coming to see me mate you now you are welcome any time hows the pup doing>???????????????????
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