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  1. well i got everything aprt from what i asked for im not afer a huge debate i was just after some info... anyone has anything useful can you pm it to me please!!! (can a mod close this please) x
  2. Any one know or have any contact details of these guys... just got a pup bred by them would like some info on it!!! cheers... Gaz..........
  3. Go to www.mustwork.co.uk these are one of the best working gwp kennels in the country!!!
  4. Hi fella you have a pm.

  5. cheers matt,dont get me wrong with the biting thing,i also kennel bull crosses i just prefer my dogs to work for the job intended,if i wanted a dog for day fox work id have a weimeraner or most probably a gwp,i just prefer the vizsla its more versatile...good weimaraners are harder to get too so availability is another thing to look at!!!
  6. ok sorry for the delay guys been off the forums a bit lately as some of you know i keep breed and work both the weimaraner and the vizsla,i was a die hard spaniel man however ive been converted for a long time now,finding a good working strain of the two breeds are increasingly hard to find!!! dont be fooled by breeders or kennels that claim to be duel strain,most dont know what a pheasant is...others have websites with the same pheasant in every picture claimimg they work theyre dogs only to find theyve grabbed something off a local keeper or only do the odd day here and there.... i personally think working dogs should be worked and bred to work while show dogs should be showed!!! you only have to look at the way spaniels and labradors over the years have lost drive and working ability... the show strains and the works strains in these examples are so much different they should almost be called a different name for each dog,i feel the vizsla and weimeraner have gone this way too.. in the early days of the breeds coming here there was little to choose from and you took what you had!! i feel this has changed now and the workers and showers have separated.... i breed my dogs and look for drive,this i find the most important thing any working dog has to have!!! the more WANT the the dog has the harder it will push itself,its everything in a working dog and has to come first,good genetics are just as importand however looks are a bonus!! the show stuff gets bigger and bigger too its something i detest,i like them to be of a size thats managable to the type of land i work,my vizsla's are def smaller than the other strains i see around and i try to keep tham this way... the weimaraners are the same i have a rescued dog from show breeding in my kennels at the moment stands 28" plus at the shoulders,for a show dog he has good drive and suits a shoot well for picking up and beating on big land with lots of open ground! The vizsa in my opinion is the more versatile of the two breeds easyer to train and less dominant this can be good and bad it depends on what you want from the two breeds,my vizsla bitch as an example will smash her face into a brick wall to nail a pricked pheasant or rabbit but show her a crow with an open beak or a squirrel with a bit of life left and shel look at me stupid!!!(WHAT THE F**K DO YOU WANT ME TO DO WITH THAT DO YOU THINK IM STUPID!!!(those eyes really do talk)however a weimeraner almost hopes theres a scrap left in it!! be it a squirrel or a fox...generally theyre right in there lol... if you want a bit of a guard dog forget the vizsla not to say they wont bark however as an example i have two vizsla's in door at the moment,if someone were to burgle my house midas would hold the torch and lil would be off retreiving valuables while they put the loot into bags to take away!! charlie the weimeraner however shakes the door frames and windows with his barks and growls,god help anyone who actually got inside the house,kenneled the vizsla tends to be quieter the weimaraners more vocal,if theres any trouble in the place its generally started by the weimaraners,id never keep more than two weimaraners together in a kennel as three would be a disaster even a dead dog,the vizsla however could be kept differently with less trouble,as a house dog again as more and more people keep and work theyre dogs as a family pet as well as a worker the vizsla is less dominant and less likely to have a problem with a child family member or stranger,all in all id leave a child play with a vizsla however id keep my eye open with a weimaraner more closely incase the dominant side came out... some people may dissagree with this and have a soft soppy weimaraner that would never touch little freddy or whoever... this is just my opinion on things the weim can sometimes be the one to watch. id never be without the breed however my kennels would be russet gold all the way through if i had to get rid of a particular breed...the weimaraner just doesnt quite reach the character the vizsla does... and i feel a little less loyal to the weimaraner as the vizla is so much more loyal and affectionate... i also feel the most important thing is out there working the dog itself the vizla just has that edge!!!
  7. just got a team myself now got about 18 breeders...nd will start a kit as they mature and hatch fresh stock....il have to get some pics up... need a better set up for nest boxes tho!!!.... had a few coming along and a bloody rat got in and slayed the sqabs!!! had him since but need to improve on what i have!!!
  8. never seen a decent one used then [bANNED TEXT]!!! i work mine in the hardest woodland and cover in and around wales they dont work like spaniels.... however they dont walk past game!!! if anything theyre better at it! iv gone from spaniels to hpr's because i beleive theyre a better dog!!!
  9. 1/2 a drontol cat tablet for worming ferrets iv used em for years no problems!!!!
  10. nice looking pup... dai.... hope alls good been meaning to give you a shout... need to line my deerhound bull bitch before i retire her....shes due in within the next couple o months......will shout you soon [bANNED TEXT]!!!
  11. if he has bloat hel be dead by the morning.... i lost a lurcher a few years back and almost lost a vizsla last year another 2hours later and the vet wouldnt of been able to save him...the biggest danger is the gut rots beyond repair....... catch and treat it early almost always an operation to untwist the gut!!! good luck [bANNED TEXT]!
  12. might catch the tail end of it im up in the falconry fair both days.... try and say hi on my way back!!!
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