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  1. ssssh1forthepot

    Any tips/advice

    Get a copy of ''Purdy's progress'' and you wont go far wrong mate, it covers everything about lurcher training over the 1st 1 or 2 years of the dogs life.
  2. ssssh1forthepot


    Chill out its only a joke!! If you cant laugh.... Cry!
  3. ssssh1forthepot


    What do you get if you wrap Jordans kid up with sellotape?????? Sticky Black Spastic!!!!!!!!!
  4. ssssh1forthepot

    THE EVENT : how raciest are you .

    I think its good! Keep watching it people, Im not saying I agree with it 100% or even 1% I think as a country we have rolled over and died with regards to rascism and human rights and all that bollocks, we need to get real and take things back to basics if you comit a crime you lose any rights you had any colour black white green yellow all the same, you cant even say ''paki shop'' any more without being arrested for racially agravated insult or whatever they do you with!! it takes the preverbial, but anyway the day will come when people of the UK will have to stand together and fight for there right to live. I truly believe that the 3rd world war is coming and the world as we know it will cease to exist. It will be a world war again created by religion, Probably Islam V's Christianty the Last crusade maybe?? People need to wake up and realise whats going on around them instead of being gromed by politicians or not even voting at all anyway people keep it real!! and good luck! I for one am ready.......
  5. ssssh1forthepot

    Pizzahut £4.00 meal with drink.

    i hope to fecking god your joking No seriously thats what we do!!! good 1 mate i nearly believed ya We do, with all the crack,smack and black we take and smoke a few laxitives isnt going to make much difference!
  6. ssssh1forthepot

    dog pic

    Sorry bud, cracking looing animal tho
  7. ssssh1forthepot

    dog pic

    Looks really smart, I love old pics! hows it bred?
  8. ssssh1forthepot

    Pizzahut £4.00 meal with drink.

    i hope to fecking god your joking No seriously thats what we do!!!
  9. ssssh1forthepot

    Pizzahut £4.00 meal with drink.

    Me an my mates go all the time, the longest we have been in there is 11 hours, we normally keep necking laxatives every hour and just keep shoveling it down!
  10. ssssh1forthepot


    im gonna grab a moggy and try it ha ha ha sounds funny as fcuk the robocat Do it!!!!!!!! they really enjoy it!!
  11. ssssh1forthepot


    They love it mate!!
  12. ssssh1forthepot


    I put smarties tubes on my cats legs and watch it walk like a robot, When it go's down the stairs I find that really relaxing!! By the way it really enjoys it!!
  13. ssssh1forthepot


    thatmade me chuckle
  14. ssssh1forthepot

    James Murray AKA PO CHING

    A very sad state of affairs! the guy is obviously trying it on, I say go to the police mate.
  15. ssssh1forthepot

    dropping soap in the shower

    you would be knee deep in that one bud.. I wouldnt care! I would drag my balls through a mile of salty broken glass just to eat the sweetcorn out of her shit! I love her!!!!